XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack hammer Concrete Breaker W/Case, Gloves

XtremepowerUS 2200watt Demolition Jackhammer Review

Have you been looking for a quality jackhammer for your home or business needs?

One of the more popular products found online is the XtremepowerUS, and it’s gotten a lot of feedback from homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.

But how good is the XtremepowerUS jackhammer in real-life situations? Can it handle the kind of work you need? That’s what we’re going to find out in this in-depth review.

Update: You can read more information about the company on this page.

71A3HWFqlSL._SL1200_ XtremepowerUS 2200watt Demolition Jackhammer ReviewFeatures

  • The input motor can go up to 2,200 watts, and the 60Hz/120V voltage ensures compatibility won’t be an issue
  • The XtremepowerUS is built with versatility in mind; you can use this to break up concrete, and masonry, as well as thick slabs, bricks, concrete blocks and other materials
  • The jackhammer delivers up to 1,400 blows per minute, so you will be able to do more work in less time. Combined with the 2,200-watt motor, and the jackhammer allows you to be more proficient with your work
  • The Xtremepower weighs only 33 lbs. without the cord, so even women can use it
  • A blow mold case is included. If you’re going to travel and want to take the jackhammer with you, just put it in the case
  • A bunch of useful accessories are included; you get a 1 ⅛” flat chisel and a bull point chisel of the same size. You also get a hexagon bar wrench and an oil feeder. Gloves, goggles and a safety mask are included as well. The XtremepowerUS is safe to use, but it’s good to know they included these so you don’t have to buy the items separately.

71N35cNTVUL._SL1200_ XtremepowerUS 2200watt Demolition Jackhammer ReviewPros

  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Chisels included
  • Lightweight
  • Durably built


  • Ergonomics could be better
  • Sometimes gets stuck in concrete but can be removed

61lpNxZYs-L._SL1200_ XtremepowerUS 2200watt Demolition Jackhammer ReviewPerformance and usage

The jackhammer is well-packaged and the instructions are easy to follow. It is comfortable to use and its ergonomic handle allows you to do extended work without tiring yourself.

The jackhammer does well for different types of work. You can use this on areas as large as 8’ wide and 100’ deep. It might take a day or two but you’ll get it done and the jackhammer won’t break down.

The motor generates a lot of power and this is how it’s able to handle a lot of concrete. You’ll need an extension cord for 100’ runs, but that’s not a big issue. The design is comfortable to use and looks a lot like a classic jackhammer. This is actually a good thing as it gets the job done.


Like any jackhammer, you’re going to feel it on heavy projects, but you can wear gloves (a pair is included) to soften the impact. For best results, you’ll want to add oil; test oil is included but you may want to add more if you’re going to do a lot of drilling. The manual provides info on what oil to use, so check it out.

You may need to add 3 to 4 oz. of oil to fill up the chamber; it’s best not to try the tool until you have filled it up. Once you’ve filled it up, you can use the tips that come with the jackhammer and get to work.

The blow force can go up to 41 lbs., very impressive compared to others in its range. This is comparable to more expensive jackhammers, so it is definitely worth looking into if you need power.

Its accessories, as noted, are very useful; you can use the wrench to re-tighten the jackhammer if needed, and there’s an oil sight glass remover provided. The gloves, mask and goggles are all adequate and do what they’re supposed to, provide protection as you work.

The blow mold carry case is plastic and doesn’t feel heavy duty. But if you’re careful there should not be any issues with its durability.


Should you buy it?61vpntmgn2L._SL1200_ XtremepowerUS 2200watt Demolition Jackhammer Review

As these specs show, the XtremepowerUS jackhammer has what it takes to perform light- to medium-duty work. For projects of a few hundred square feet or less, the XtremepowerUS jackhammer is sufficient to get things done.

Unless you need tons of power, this jackhammer is more than enough for most tasks. If you don’t need to break a ton of hard rocks then this will do fine.

More to the point: The XtremepowerUS is a powerful jackhammer that provides an excellent performance. When it comes to power and versatility, the XtremepowerUS is comparable to more expensive brands. Compared to renting a jackhammer repeatedly, it is more cost effective to buy one.



The XtremepowerUS is very popular with a lot of DIY enthusiasts and for good reasons. There is plenty and impact power, and it is versatile enough for breaking concrete, chipping, trenching and demolition.

When you take all these things into consideration, it is not difficult to see why the XtremepowerUS jackhammer is a favorite. We recommend this without reservation.