Tradespro 24-volt 1-Inch Drive Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

Tradespro 24-volt 1/2-Inch Drive Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

The Tradespro 837212 24-volt 1/2-Inch Drive Cordless Impact Wrench Kit is not your average handheld impact wrench.

It is sometimes the first and last resort of mechanics and drivers on the road who might need to change a spare tire or replace a damaged mechanical piece.

Nuts and bolts can be tough to remove with other tools because of their lack of torque. This Tradespro runs on a stiff body that is not at all awkward to hold.

It has a lightweight body that stands out in black and yellow paint. Its power should not be discounted, however, because it offers some of the best qualities an impact wrench should possess to the user.

It is rated at 240 pound-foot of torque, 2,200 Rotations per Minute (RPM) and 4,400 Beats per Minute (BPM), which removes bolts and lugs with relative ease.

It is a great impact gun that stores a lot of power in a small gun. You will not have any problem storing this in your trunk because of its great carrying case and small size.


  • 240 pound-foot of torque
  • 2,200 RPM and 4,400 BPM
  • Has a replaceable battery
  • One year factory warranty
  • Lightweight at 13.2 pounds
  • Very small and compact at 13.2 pounds
  • Cordless and electric
  • 24 volts
  • Does not require batteries to operate
  • Black and yellow paint job
  • Great black carrying suitcase

This impact wrench may not have the highest amount of torque on Amazon, but it’s undoubtedly the most balanced. It does not shake to the point of being too unusable for its own good.

Some users complain about their impact wrench’s behavior having a negative impact on performance and output. With this tool, just point the wrench in the right direction and the nuts and bolts come off easily.

The Tradespro has the best grip compared to other impact wrenches. Construction is seamless, which is even lauded for its clutch system.

The wrench is one’s replacement tool when an air compressor is out of reach.

It is easy to charge, too, if you have an inverter in your vehicle. It fills up relatively fast for a 24-volt workhorse that is easy to use and stow away for safekeeping.


The amount of torque this produces is ample enough for all uses. Tradespro is not an overkill machine.

It relies on precision parts to quickly remove lugs and nuts. The rotational force this cordless impact wrench kit possesses is not too strong for users. It does not have that kick-to-the-back-of-the-head feeling when you wield the wrench.

The grip is great on this thing. The main body of the drill isn’t too large while the base is not too obtuse.

There is a balance between the moving and non-moving parts of the impact wrench. It is constructed beautifully and does not feel like it will slip from your hands after prolonged use.


This is not an industrial or commercial power tool. This wrench was designed for simple and light uses that may pop up that require a powerful tool.

If you are looking for more torque, there are other tools that have bigger numbers at the price of a bigger body and heavier overall weight.

The RPM and BPM this has may also seem lacking for some, particularly RPM.

BPM is high enough that it does not need to be increased, though it would be great if the next generation of impact wrenches from Tradespro sport a higher number.

RPM is important because it reduces the amount of time it takes to remove a nut or bolt from a wheel.


The best cordless impact wrenches in the market are worth looking at if you want something more powerful than Tradespro.

There are more torque-heavy devices that are better to use when it comes to a higher pound-foot rating. Check them out online if you need something with more strength or brute force.

This is a 24-volt machine that is both energy-efficient and easy to hold in the hands of a professional or amateur. It balances out in the high and low RPMs and BPMs so it is a breezy thing to hold, even if your hands feel heavy or difficult when using a power tool.

The lightweight tool is not just a good combination of craftsmanship and resiliency. Every part operates on a dial and feels responsive. The hardest and most difficult nuts and bolts are no match for this rotating head.

Built in China, this nearly 15-pound handheld wrench has great balance and fares well against other, heavier competitors.

The brand is good and carries the device pretty well in all conditions. The Tradespro 837212 24-volt 1/2-Inch Drive Cordless Impact Wrench Kit works like a charm and would have scored a nearly perfect score had it not been for some reviewers complaining about the wrench’s lack of punch.