TR Industrial TR89100 Electric Jackhammer Review

If you are you thinking of buying a jackhammer to break up or simply knock out concrete, rocks and pavement–and your current jackhammer not providing enough power–then maybe you’ll want to check out the TR89100 from TR Industrial, as it is built for heavy-duty use.

Of course, this isn’t the first or only jackhammer to make such claims, so we decided to do conduct a thorough review and determine if it’s as good as claimed.


  • The jackhammer can do up to 1,800 blows per minute for rapid and efficient breaking up of concrete and other materials

  • The 1,800 BPM is complemented by its 11-amp motor, 175-hour TUV-tested power and powerful drilling. All of these are designed to give you optimum power

  • The TR89100 has been thoroughly tested and has an ETL listing. Its cable is UL listed and the plug has double insulation. With all these safety features, you can concentrate on working

  • All the essential accessories are included, such as working gloves and safety goggles

  • Spade, hex and flat chisels are included for your convenience

  • The jackhammer is built with convenience and portability in mind. Its case is blow molded and has metal rollers and clips so it is more portable to use

  • The jackhammer is also designed for versatile use, allowing you to use it on concrete, clay and other types of materials

  • The jackhammer comes with a dual-ball bearing armature for better transfer of energy and greater power. The inclusion of copper commutator bars also increases its functionality.


  • Light enough for women to use

  • Heavy duty motor

  • Very portable

  • TUV tested for 176 hours


  • Needs some force to be used on certain materials

  • More suited for dry than wet environments

Performance and usage

The TR89100 combines the best of power and safety. With other jackhammers, you have to choose between one or the other, but TR Industrial has struck the right balance here.

At just 32 lbs., the TR89100 is lighter than other jackhammers, but it delivers up to 1800 blows a minute for efficient results. You also get 45 impact joules for consistent results. Along with its 11-amp motor, the TR89100 can handle most tasks you throw at it.

One of the trademarks of a good jackhammer is its ability to handle intense work, and the TR89100 delivers. With a 55 HRC, this jackhammer has the gears necessary for optimum performance. This jackhammer is also durable, as can be attested to by its 175-hour TUV testing.

For the best results, you should use the pointed chisel for the initial drill, then switch to the flat chisel so you can quickly smash the chunks. You should also use the spade for a few inches’ pounding and pull when breaking up.

The TR89100 is most effective when used slow and steady, and it is also a good idea to use 15-40W oil. You may use other types of oil, but this this is the one that is most effective and will deliver the best results.

No matter what you’re working on, the swivel handle makes it comfortable to use. Its 360° swivel also means you can easily adjust to suit your needs. When filled with the right oil, the TR89100 has the power to take down a 50,000 gallon in-ground pool. You can use this jackhammer to break up pool drain holes, fortified rebar and walkways.

The TR89100 chisels work without a hitch, but it’s better if you lube the bits to prevent possible oil leaks. While TR Industrial did a good job making this jackhammer as comfortable to use as possible, this is still a jackhammer; you will feel some soreness after extended use, but with the gloves provided, it won’t be as bad as others.

Speaking of the gloves, they’re one size fits all, and they make the jackhammer more comfortable to hold while using. The goggles are also well-designed and hold up well. Even if you have to drill concrete, the TR89100 works. If it gets stuck, just unmount and use the other to remove the other one.

Should you buy it?

The TR89100 is for anyone who wants a jackhammer that can break surfaces more effectively than other jackhammers. The power and durability make this ideal for those who do lot of masonry work.

Power aside, its safety certifications are another reason why we recommend the TR89100. With its TUV and ETL listing, the TR89100 delivers a solid performance and results which cheaper jackhammers cannot match.


The TR89100 is an exceptional jackhammer, combining power and safety. It’s got the power to break up concrete, pavement and rocks, but doesn’t compromise when it comes to safety. It’s also well-engineered and deserves a spot in your toolbox. For light- to heavy-duty work, the TR89100 jackhammer does not disappoint.