The Makita XWT08Z – Best Cordless Impact Wrench 2016?

The Makita XWT08Z May Have the Been Best Cordless Impact Wrench of 2016, But How Well Has it Held Up Since Then?

The unfaltering work ethic of Makita means that the 2016 Makita XWT08Z Impact Wrench is still one to watch.

Every year, without fail, top websites and blogs compile their lists of the top 10 [insert product here] for the year ahead. They focus on new designs and ranges from top brands – designs that are meant to condemn older models to the scrap heap. The Makita XWT08Z LXT Lithium-Ion High Torque Impact Wrench was in the running for best cordless impact wrench 2016. Two years on, we should expect this model to fall behind its rivals. Yet, there is still something compelling about this option, and it continues to gain high praise.

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What features does this cordless Makita XWT08Z LXT have that help it maintain this appeal?

The main selling point to this wrench, from first impressions at least, is the idea of efficiency. There are a number of features included to ensure that there is no wasted time or effort. The company are proud of the fast charge times on their batteries. It is all about “more time working and less time sitting in the charger”. This is the sort of work ethic that many professional users can get behind. The addition of the brushless motor, and the controls for both direction and speed, add to that sense of efficiency. It appears that this device should be able to do what is asked of it, whatever the problem, with just the flick of a switch. Add in the high torque and users should be onto a winner.

Some of the top features that contributed to this becoming a contender for best cordless impact wrench 2016.
1) 740 ft.lbs. of Max Torque or 1,180 ft.lbs of breakaway torque
2) An electronic brushless motor
3) A 1/2″ anvil with friction ring
4) Settings for the direction and speed of the wrench
5) Dual LED lights
6) 7.9lb weight
7) Tool hook

Efficiency and power are the two main advantages for those working in professional environments.

The most common piece of feedback for this device is that users feel that can handle any job with minimal effort. The strength of the wrench and torque ensure a quick, clean effort on different types of nuts. The efficiency partly comes from the electronic controls on the motor and settings. This electronic brushless motor is designed to improve the battery usage and heat production. The adjustable settings on the three different speeds and direction also offer users greater control. It should be easy to switch between loosening and tightening if users make a mistake. The extra feature of the LED lights can help in darker situations.

The product descriptions from Makita show that they aim this device at the more professional user. The features above to allow for ease of use for novices. There is no reason why a car owner with minimal knowledge can’t succeed with this tool. Yet, there is a little more to the design and power that makes this lean towards the more experienced user. It is interesting to go through the user testimonials to see where this wrench was in use. There is one user that states they are a technician for Honda and have no complaints about the tool. Then there is the mechanic working maintenance on farm machinery, who had one small complaint about the looseness of the battery pack.


There is clearly still a lot to love about this 2016 Makita XWT08Z Cordless Impact Wrench. But, there are some small issues worth noting.

This device isn’t 100% perfect, despite some of the 5 star reviews. There are some users that have concerns about the build quality, such as the mechanic above with the loose battery pack. For some, this is just a small inconvenience as the battery pack wobbles a little. There is the suggestion that a vibration dampener may restrict a more secure fit, so there are pros and cons in this design. Others note that the fit can deteriorate with time, leading to deeper concerns about the structural integrity of the tool. There are also comments about the LED lights failing after a while. This is minor issue, but still brings up questions about the life span of the device.

Another drawback for some users is the weight. There are some brands that focus on creating a lightweight, comfortable and ergonomic design for long-term use. Here the weight can be a little uncomfortable once users add the battery pack. The company claim that the 7.9lb weight is great for “reduced operator fatigue”, but this isn’t always the case.

Let’s go over those pros and cons to see how this Makita XWT08Z High Torque Impact Wrench holds up to modern standards.


1) Higher efficiency with the smart brushless motor
2) A good range of controls for different situations
3) Enough torque to help users in more professional situations
4) Compatible with quick-charging Makita batteries
5) Some nice extras with the lights and tool hook


1) Some build quality issues with the connection of the battery pack
2) Too heavy for some users
3) Battery and charger not included

It is easy to see why many consumers and critics saw this as the best cordless impact wrench 2016. Could it rank as one of the best for 2018? Perhaps not. There is still a lot about this device that will appeal to many professional users. There is no faulting the power and efficiency of the motor and settings. There is enough attention to detail where it counts the most.

Yet, there are aspects to the design that don’t quite hold up against modern options. The weight issue is a good example, as there are newer, lighter models with as much power. This is also quite a minimal design compared to other tools and kits. The focus here is on the performance and adjustments, while the lights and tool hook are more of an afterthought. In the end, there are still many mechanics and professionals that will appreciate that power and design. This 2016 Makita XWT08Z can still find a consumer base today.