Ingersoll-Rand Impact Wrenches

The Ingersoll Rand Impact Wrench List

For those interested in becoming familiar with other brands of quality impact wrenches, we offer up Ingersoll-Rand.


The company has been around for quite a long time—much longer than most are probably aware—and is not only a long-time manufacturer but also innovator across many technological fields.

Ingersoll Rock Drill Company was formed in 1871 by its namesake, Simon Ingersoll, and then combined with Sergeant Drill seven years later as Ingersoll Seargeant Drill Company. Another drill company just happened to form at the same time in 1871 by two brothers, Addison and Jasper Rand, Jr., called Rand Drill Company. Both the Ingersoll and Rand companies were formed and operated in New York, as well as Washington, D.C. for the clearing of channels and the construction of aqueducts and channels.

The two companies merged in 1905, effectively creating today’s recognized name Ingersoll-Rand. Over time and to reduce company costs, the company was moved on paper to Bermuda, and today the corporate headquarters is located in Swords, Fingal, Dublin, Ireland, with their US-based headquarters in Davidson, North Carolina. The company owns and controls a variety of other brands as well, including some recognized names in the field such as Trane, Club Car, Thermo King, and of course, its namesake Ingersoll-Rand.

The company’s name itself also represents the very tool which WrenchGuru focuses on—the cordless impact wrench. Today, I-R reports that they are operating manufacturing and assembly centers in fifty-one plants across the earth and maintain offices, warehouses, and repair centers internationally.

The Ingersoll-Rand Cordless Impact Wrench

I-R tools in general are considered tough and dependable—and have been so for many years now. It’s no small wonder the company touts this on their impact wrench products page.

It’s typical for a company to toot its own horn so we decided to include both their own, possibly biased mechanic video interview and an independently made cross-comparison with another popular cordless impact wrench, Snap-On.

Ingersoll-Rand’s Mechanic Video Interview:

The Snap-On CT8810A vs. The Ingersoll-Rand W5132 Cordless Impact Wrench:


The Top-Selling List of
Ingersoll-Rand Cordless Impact Wrenches

The Ingersoll-Rand W7150-K2 High-Torque Cordless Impact Wrench Kit


The Ingersoll-Rand W1130-K2 12V Cordless Impact Wrench Kit


Ingersoll Rand W5130-K1 3/8-Inch Mid-Torque Impactool Kit with Charger, Li-Ion Battery and Case


Ingersoll Rand W5130-K2 3/8-Inch Mid-Torque Impactool, Charger, 2 Li-ion Batteries and Case Kit


Ingersoll Rand W5132 IQV20 Series Impactool, 3/8″


Ingersoll Rand W1120-K2 1/4″ 12V Impact Wrench Kit


Ingersoll Rand IQV20-204 Impact Wrench Kit


Ingersoll Rand R3130-K12 Cordless Ratchet with 1 Li-on Battery, Charger and Case, 3/8″


Ingersoll Rand W5110-K22 1/4″ 20V Quick Change Mid-Torque Hex Drive Impact Kit


Ingersoll-Rand (IRT21357150K) IRTW7150 & IRT2135QXPA Combo Kit


Ingersoll Rand W5150-K1 1/2-Inch Mid-Torque Impactool Kit with Charger, Li-Ion Battery and Case


Ingersoll Rand R1120 1/4″ 12V Cordless Ratchet Wrench


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