The Dewalt DCF 899B Wrench – More Than Just Power?

For a tool that screams power and intensity, the DEWALT DCF899B Impact Wrench is actually pretty comfortable and helpful.

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There are some features that we look for above all others when searching for an effective power tool, and we’ve already established that this particular beast of an instrument can whip up one strong symphony of destruction! There is some part of us that is automatically drawn to any talk of power and time saving features. That is why the Dewalt DCF 899b Wrench and Detent Anvil is so appealing. The strong torque and different settings should get the job done. But, there is more to this wrench than just quick nut stripping.

The features of the Dewalt dcf 899b highlight power over anything else.

There is a clear focus in the specification and product descriptions for this model. This offers power and lots of it. It all starts with the high torque, for a more effective performance, and continues with the style of motor and the different speeds. The different settings offer some sort of user-control. Yet, the power and LED indicators suggest that the wrench is really the boss here. After the power comes the supposed strength and durability. The manufacturers claim that you can drop this from as high as 8ft and incur no damage. There are other elements, like comfort and design, but they are a little further down the list.

The top features here are as follows:

  1. A maximum torque of 700 ft./lbs and breakaway torque of 1,200 ft./lbs
  2. A strong brushless motor
  3. An effective, shatter-resistant detent anvil
  4. A 3 speed system
  5. A fuel gauge for the battery pack

This design and power means that the DCF899B offers some great advantages.

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One thing stands out immediately when looking at that specification. There is the clear sense that Dewalt wanted to create a model that was reliable and adaptable enough for a consistent performance. We see that in the battery and the actions of the wrench itself. A brushless motor is something that many keen carpenters and renovators want to check off their priorities list. Those that try it out for the first time notice the difference when they switch back to “inferior” models. It is true that once you go brushless, you can’t go back.

This, combined with the 3 speed settings and 700ft./lb maximum torque should allow for the performance users are after. There is an impressively high satisfaction rating for this device with Amazon consumers. Many of them are keen to highlight the power and torque. One goes as far as stating that the device “tears” lug nuts off the wires. This is perhaps a little hyperbolic, as it shouldn’t quite that violent. Anyone stripping their nuts that violently would need to calm things down a bit–like Egon in Ghostbusters (“Nice shootin’, Tex!“).

Then there is the durability on the DCF899b’s detent anvil.

Let’s go back to that idea that this device can handle a 6-8ft drop. It sound impressive and few actually doubt that claim. Obviously, we don’t advise that you test this out yourself at home, especially since there is still the potential for damage to the product, property or other persons – particularly if your aim is as bad as ’50 Cent’.

However, that shatter proof housing should prove its worth in case of any accidents. Even the most careful carpenter can knock his tools off the table. An additional benefit here is that while this is a tough device with a strong build, it is also light and easy to handle. Wrist fatigue is a concern with prolonged tool use. Yet, the weight and ergonomic grip should decrease this risk.

The feedback for this DEWALT DCF899B Wrench/Anvil combo is mostly positive. Yet, new buyers should consider the limitations to this device.

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Users are typically so impressed with this model that it’s reminiscent of Bruce Lee’s form–they have little to add when critiquing it. Even those with small issues regarding the design usually go on to award 5 stars anyway. Still, like Michael Jordan, there is always a limit to the capabilities of any machine. Some users drop a star on their reviews after finally discovering this for themselves. For example, one user struggled with rusty lug nuts on his truck and this device couldn’t help. Another points out a small design detail with the size and placement of the buttons. They found it was too easy to change the setting or turn the tool off accidentally. This adds a little frustration to a previously effortless tool.

Finally, it is important to point out that the battery and battery charger are sold separately with this model. Both components are reliable, but this does add to the cost of an already pricey product. There are some that have no complaint about the cost here because of the features, power and other benefits seen. Yet, others may think twice if they are on a budget. There are other devices with more comprehensive kits. There is, however, another bonus to the battery system on this wrench. There is a fuel gauge on-board, which is a great indicator of how long users have left before recharging. This warning allows you to plan your tasks and time accordingly.

All in all, there are a lot more pros than cons to this DEWALT Impact Wrench with Detent Anvil. Therefore, it is hard not to give a positive verdict.

The Pros and Cons of this impact tool:


  • The high torque for a powerful performance.
  • The reliability of the brushless motor
  • The speed settings for greater control.
  • A shatter-proof build on the anvil
  • A lightweight body


  • Doesn’t come with the battery or battery charger
  • The buttons could be better placed for ease of use

Our Conclusion:

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It really is all about the torque with this particular impact. The power and nut stripping performance steal the limelight and form the basis of most positive user reviews. This is perhaps all that most users need for a quick, consistent performance. This wrench gets the job done with minimal fuss, in the vast majority of cases. However, it is important not to get tunnel vision here. That powerful torque and brushless motor are great starting points, but there are omissions and issues in the attention to detail. If this Dewalt model were a little lighter, came with the battery and had a slightly tweak to the design, it could be the 5 star product that users are after.

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