The Craftsman ID2030K Targets Those Working Long Hours

Craftsman want users to use their C3 Heavy Duty Impact Wrench Kit anywhere and anytime, but is it up to the job?

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There are some very basic expectations when we choose to get married: love each other, care for each other, no cheating, no lying — and definitely no craziness.

It’s (almost) the same with any power tool: we have expectations as well. At the top of that list is a device that will work, as promised, every time users turn it on. This isn’t always a guarantee with cheaper models, especially those designed for low-end, indoor use. Take one of these tools out of its comfort zone and it starts to panic and malfunction. This is where the ID2030K comes in to help. Here there is a powerful impact wrench kit where makers insist that it can deal with any task, anywhere.

What features are included here to ensure that this “Man of the Craft” really can handle the pressure?

There is an interesting aspect to some of the sales pitches where Craftsman focus on the use on different conditions.

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There is the idea that this was built for those working hard outdoors, even in the hottest months. They claim it keep on working in heat up to 158 degrees, with bright LED lights for improved visibility in sunlight. The lighting also helps in the darkness if workers end up working late. On that note, we can’t overlook the lower end of the device’s tolerance to temperature changes. This should still work in 5 degree weather too. Another feature of interest to professional users is the micro texture grip for greater control in heat and sweatier conditions. Then of course there is the power too – this comes from the torque and great battery pack included in the kit.

Top features in the specification for this Craftsman C3 Heavy Duty Impact Wrench Kit include:

1)  As much as 300 ft/lbs. of torque with speeds up to 3,000 RPM
2)  A 1/2-inch square anvil with a detent pin retention
3)  A 4Ah XCP Lithium-ion battery complete with multi-chemistry charger
4)  That large temperature tolerance range from 5-158 degrees.
5)  A micro-texture grip
6)  3 LED lights built-in for illumination

The first benefit to look at with this Craftsman id2030k is that idea of reliability in different situations.

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Some consumers are only really after a simple device for small jobs. A simple, powerful device that strips lug nuts for occasional repairs. Others need something that can go the distance for a more reliable performance. Mechanics and technicians working on roadside assistance need to know that their device will be able to handle the job, regardless of the weather or time of day. That is where that heat tolerance comes in. Many everyday users wouldn’t be too bothered by that, unless they plan to store it in a garage that gets especially hot. Those working outside in midday sun in hot climates need a little more assurance. The addition of the detent anvil adds to that sense of reliability in different situations.

Of course users also know that they can depend on this Craftsman wrench because of the power behind it.

The torque on this machine isn’t all that special in relation to some of the other, more powerful models around. However, there are still some great comments about the ease of use and efficiency of the wrench. There is one happy user that states that the “lug nuts come off studs with blinding speed”. This may sound like an exaggeration, and it most likely is, but other feedback shows some agreement here. The device is quick and capable with different nuts and problems. That variable speed setting up to 3,000 RPM certainly helps here.

Then there the quality of the battery and that multi-chemistry charger. First and foremost, it is always nice to see an affordable kit where manufacturers supply a battery and charger. This means that professional users can find a cost-effective solution and get started right away. This battery provides more than enough power to the device, although some may choose to swap it for a different model. That is where that multi-chemistry charger comes in use. These chargers are designed to charge any type of battery with ease. This therefore means that upgrades to the battery are no problem at all. The device can charge lithium and ni-ah batteries with the same great speed.

Unfortunately, power and good intentions aren’t enough when creating a top impact wrench kit like this.

There are some areas where the manufacturers at Craftsman could make a few small alterations. The first is with the weight of the tool. That grip mentioned above is a nice starting point when it comes to the handling of the device. It should prove helpful for those working long shifts. Yet, the weight of the tool could be better. It is a little too heavy for some, which could limit productivity in the long run. It would also be helpful if this tool come with a carry case, like some other top rated impact wrench kits around. There are also comments about the LED lights failing over time. This again limits productivity in later hours.

Is there enough here with this Craftsman C3 Heavy Duty Impact Wrench Kit to keep users happy over long shifts?

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1) great control on the torque and speed for efficient results
2) the ability to handle extreme temperatures
3) a multi-chemistry charger and battery in the box4) a nice grip and design – on the whole


1) a little too heavy
2) some durability issues with the lights

On the whole, there isn’t much about this device to complain about. The main features with the power, battery pack and strong anvil ensure that this wrench can handle many jobs with ease. It is quick and efficient, with that great added benefit of the temperature tolerance. Still, there are areas where the designers could tweak the design for an even more reliable device. A little less weight would improve the ease of use. A carry case would be even better. Then there is the issue of the lifespan of those lights. Even so, this particular model remains a popular tool for commercial use.

For a different comparison, check out the video below where the Sears impact is pitted against one of our favorites, the Ryobi (which we review here).