DeWalt 18v impacter

The Aim of the Compact Dewalt 18V Impactor

Size isn’t everything with a top impact driver, as this DEWALT DCF885C1 kit proves with relative ease.

Why use a drill when you can have a more powerful, efficient impact driver to take the strain? This tool should make short work of simple jobs, and that is the aim with this Dewalt 18v impactor.

This is Dewalt, so naturally the product has that recognizable black and yellow design (no, it’s not Bumblebee). But, there is much more to catch a buyer’s eye than that familiar look. This smaller device actually packs an impressive performance where it counts.

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What are some of the important features on offer with this DEWALT DCF885C1 1/4 Impact Driver Kit?

The main focus on many sales adverts for this product is cabinet making and general renovations around the home. There are people fixing doors on cabinets, fixing them to ceilings and simply getting them in working order. While this can seem a little dull and limiting, it actually highlights the shape and ease of use of this compact impact driver. Dewalt wants to assure people that this smaller model can provide the same power and versatility, just in more confined spaces. The idea is that this should be a helpful, easy-to-use product. This is highlighted with the focus on some of time-saving tools on-board.

The specification for this Dewalt 18v impactor includes the following:

  1. A compact shape at just 5.55 inches front to back and a 2.8 pound weight.
  2. Compatible with 1 inch bit tips in a one-handed loading system
  3. Comes with a 20V MAX battery and charger
  4. Also comes with a bag to carry and store the items within
  5. A LED light with a 20 second delay

What advantages are on offer here to the everyday user of this DEWALT DCF885C1?

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One of the main advantages with this product is that idea that users are better able to work in confined spaces. Unlike some of DW’s larger drills, the compact dimensions of this product are a great starting point here. That short length means that it can fit into tighter corners, such as shelving and small cupboards. It is always better to do the job probably with an appropriate tool, instead of taking shortcuts or risking an injury. The LED light is a nice bonus feature for this situation, as those tighter corners might be a little dark. This light illuminates the area right in front of the tool for greater accuracy. The LED light also has a 20-second delay after users take their finger off the trigger. You don’t want to stop to double check your work and end up plunged into darkness.

The trigger control, as well as the one-handed bit loading system, highlight the additional ways that Dewalt try and make this product even more user-friendly. The latter is again good in tight spaces, but more importantly is useful when you have your hands full. Say you are working on a piece of wood and need to hold it in place, but you find that the bit is incorrect. You could call on a co-worker, family member, or Bob Vila to help – depending on the circumstances. But, that could take some time and inexperienced users might not know which bit you are talking about. This system means you can handle things yourself, in no time at all.

51oJlJzJjIL The Aim of the Compact Dewalt 18V Impactor

Then there is the benefit that this is a kit.

This device comes with both the battery and its charger, as well as a carry case for transportation. There are some mixed comments about the bag. Most are happy with the quality, with one user pointing out that the lighter weight makes it easier to carry than other cases. Those that are familiar with Dewalt may be aware of their larger, tougher cases. This one is just the right size for the job. Still, one consumer does warn new users that sales photos of the case are not to scale, so are therefore a little misleading.

Criticism is rare with this DEWALT Impact Driver Kit, but the battery and belt clip are both a little problematic.

On the subject of that questionable photo of the travel bag, there are unfortunately a couple of other buyers claiming a bit of false advertising on the part of the company. It seems that there is a bit of a gamble over whether or not you will have the belt hook on the side. The deducted stars on user testimonials show that this is bigger omission than DeWALT may have realized at the time. Still, most of these critics continue to award the device 4 stars, so clearly have little else to complain about.

Finally, you will have noticed by now that we haven’t said all that much about the battery or its charger – that is beyond praising the fact that they weren’t costly extras. This is another area where consumer feedback is basically like an international party–pretty mixed. When up and running, this lithium ion battery does the job pretty well. There is enough power to handle the task. Yet, one user did feel that the tool wasn’t able to tighten screws as well as other models. The bigger issue here is the battery life and charging time. This probably lasts long enough for those small jobs in cabinets and renovations – which was the initial aim. But, some still feel that it could last longer, or at least come with a faster charger. If you are looking for a more affordable option with performance that isn’t very different, you could also check out the Black & Decker combo kit, which also includes a drill and performs quite nicely.

So what are the final pros and cons here in our final verdict on this DEWALT DCF885C1 1/4 Impact Driver Kit?


  • The compact shape for small spaces
  • The LED light for illuminating those small spaces
  • The user-friendly features in the trigger and one-handed loading
  • The inclusion of the battery and charger.
  • A good travel bag – if a little smaller than advertised.


  • The belt hook isn’t always included
  • The battery could last longer

A high impact power tool doesn’t have to be large and unwieldy in order to make a good impression. This Dewalt impact driver highlights that with its compact shape and the extra features for enhanced ease of use. It may be smaller than the average tool, but it still offers a reliable performance for its intended use. Dewalt built this for short-term use on small renovation jobs. This is clear from those helpful tools, but also the battery life. Those that use it for this purpose, in short bursts, should have no problem at all.