The Best Cordless Impact Wrenches of 2017 reviewed

The 5 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches of 2017-2018 Reviewed

After driving & working on an electric motorcycle from 2017 to 2108, I think I have a little to say about the best impact wrenches.

Well, if you know anything about me, then you’ll nod when I say that I’m definitely no master mechanic.

impact-wrench-for-electric-motorcycle-889x500 The 5 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches of 2017-2018 ReviewedHowever, having a dependable impact tool is important and I’ve used a variety of hardware on my brand-less bike. So, I’d like to take a bit of what I’ve learned and share it.

Cordless impact wrenches are most commonly used for loosening various types of nuts from vehicles, including lug nuts, and they deliver high power at a high force. As such, they are especially suited for high-torque applications and are an absolute must in my opinion for the at-home, weekend wrencher.

For motorcycle novices like myself, they are indispensable!

my-electric-green-motorcycle The 5 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches of 2017-2018 Reviewed
It’s not always easy to find the right tools for a ride like this, but cordless impacts or drivers sure are my favorite.

Pneumatic wrenches have been a car shop mainstay for years, but today’s versions are sleeker, more portable, practical, and more efficient than ever before. If you like tinkering as I do or you are a skilled mechanic, then a battery-powered impact wrench can give you the same, equal amount of satisfaction.

Now, cordless impact wrenches offer us the kind of power and durability we’ve come to expect in a useful tool, and in a model that’s easier to use and more versatile.

Today, I’m taking a look at the five best cordless impact wrenches available on the market–in my biased opinion, of course!

I’ll break down what I believe are the most important things to know about each option, so you can do your research before investing in one of these all-star power tools for yourself.

Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

Before We Begin: Key Elements to Compare

Before I break down which cordless impact wrenches are the best, it’s helpful to briefly go over what to look for when you compare them.

  • To kick it all off, it’s important to note the power that each delivers.

In impact wrench terms, this is measured in “Impacts Per Minute” or IPMs.

Put simply, this is the number of times the wrench comes into contact with the nut or bolt as you work with it.

The rule of thumb is that the more impacts a cordless wireless wrench can deliver, the greater resistance it can encounter and still do its job.


  • In addition, I also measure the torque of each tool, or how strong its turning force is. This is measured in feet-per-pound or ft-lbs.

In a nutshell, this measures how much force the tool must exert to move one pound a distance of one foot around an axis.

  • I also look at its weight and form, to determine usability and ergonomics.


  • Finally, I examine the bells and whistles that each wrench provides. These are helpful add-ons, such as LED lights, that make the user experience more comfortable, accurate, and safe.

So Which Ones Measure Up?

Let’s Check’em Out!



1. Ingersoll Rand Hi-Torque Impact One

The Ingersoll Rand brand is synonymous with impact wrenches.

61%2BsnbK5LdL._SL1200_ The 5 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches of 2017-2018 ReviewedTherefore, it’s no surprise that the Ingersoll Rand W7150-K1 ½” Hi-Torque Impact One Battery Kit is one of the top cordless models available today.

In terms of power, this tool delivers. It features 780 ft-lbs of maximum reverse torque and 1100 ft-lbs of what it defines as “nut-busting” torque.

Yet, what makes this model stand out is its commitment to usability.

Though the wrench, which is driven by a 20-volt brush motor, delivers some of the most intense power around, it weighs in at only 6.8 pounds and features a molded grip designed to reduce fatigue and boost overall comfort.

2. DEWALT Brushless High Torque Impact Wrench

The DEWALT DCF899P1 20V MAX XR Brushless High Torque is another model that meets all our expectations — and them some.

The 1/2″ Impact Wrench Kit comes complete with a detent pin anvil that’s a powerful helper, specifically for applications that require fastening.61q%2B%2BWFx1YL._SL1000_ The 5 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches of 2017-2018 Reviewed

This model features a 20-volt brushless motor. This makes it more energy efficient than some brush models, which can emit heat and therefore lose energy as they’re operated.

In terms of torque, if offers a max torque of 700 ft-lbs, and a breakaway torque of 1,200 ft-lbs.

It also stands out for usability. A LED light offers improved visibility, while its switch allows operators to pick from three speeds depending on the project at hand.



3. Makita Lithium-Ion Cordless High Torque Impact Wrench

Compared to the DEWALT above, whose motor features five amp hours (Ah), the motor on the Makita XWT04M 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless High Torque Impact Wrench Kit comes in at just four hours.

71r%2BBWkpbmL._SL1000_ The 5 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches of 2017-2018 ReviewedYet, a slight dip in efficiency (Ah measures roughly how long a tool can successfully perform) doesn’t mean that this model is any less effective or powerful than its peers.

It delivers 325 pounds of max torque. Though this is less than many on the list, it proves that torque is measured differently by each manufacturer — and this one is consistently rated one of the most powerful and robust options available.

Another reason why? It measures in at 2,200 IPM, delivering incredible fastening support that more than makes up for any perceived lag in turning power.

Need to switch quickly from forward to reverse operation? The wrench’s rocker switch makes it easy. It also features a soft-grip handle that boosts user comfort.

4. Milwaukee Impact Wrench

A customer favorite with 5/5 stars on Amazon, the Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 1/2″ Inch Impact Wrench is a best seller — and for good reason.

41883UXat3L The 5 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches of 2017-2018 ReviewedWith an 18-volt brushless motor and 4 Ah of power, this is wrench is keeping up with its competitors by offering 1,100 ft.lbs of torque akin to the Ingersoll Rand model. It also provides 700 ft-lbs of fastening torque and an impressive 3,200 IPM ranking.

Another feature you can’t afford to miss? This model comes equipped with Milwaukee’s REDLINK PLUS Intelligence driven by the brand’s DRIVE CONTROL function. This allows users to select from two fastening modes depending on their needs.




5. Bosch Brushless 1/2-Inch Pin Detent Impact Wrench

The last of the cordless impact wrenches on our list, but certainly not the least, is the Bosch IWBH182-01L 18-volt Brushless 1/2-Inch Pin Detent Impact Wrench.

81hvhVWQAXL._SL1500_ The 5 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches of 2017-2018 ReviewedLike the Milwaukee option, the Bosch model features an 18-volt brushless motor and 4 Ah of power. It also delivers 3,200 IPM and 1,650 in-lbs of torque (equating to about 138 ft-lbs).

Though this is a relatively low torque in comparison to others in the market, it’s appropriate for this model, which, at just 3.6 pounds and 9-inches high is one of the smallest in its class.

Its 1/2-inch pin detent drive optimizes socket protection while a LED light guides users.

In addition, thanks to the brand’s integrated Performance Control System, operators can select from three speeds and varying torques when they’re ready to begin operation.

This model is also one of the most well-equipped systems we’ve reviewed. You don’t just get the wrench itself. You also get a belt loop, two backup batteries, and a hefty case to store the charger.

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