The magic of a cordless impact wrench

One Tool to Rule Them All

If We Had To Make a Decision

–As to which tool we’d choose as the main one for our toolbox, it would have to be the magical cordless impact wrench.

dewalt-cordless-impact-wrench-e1489464634696-658x500 One Tool to Rule Them All


I’ve probably mentioned this before but I must say it again: there was a time when cordless tools simply let me down when I felt like they should’ve made things easier for me. They were expensive, didn’t last long, and lacked the power of a standard electrical or pneumatic (air-operated) tool. Still, as with so many other things around me, I refused to believe that this was the best we could do as creators and held out on my hope that the strong, long-lasting, and amazing power tools would come along.

And boy, did they.

The DeWalt pictured to the left is a good representation of what these tools are like nowadays. They are tough, compact, long-lasting, easy to use, practical, and a staple in the toolboxes of both professionals and professional piddlers alike.

Some might argue that a simpler tool–such as the hammer–should be the one main tool. In today’s world, however, the hammer’s usefulness is situational and limited whereas the cordless impact wrench’s applications are wide and varied. Let’s take a look now at a few of the benefits of having this one tool in your arsenal.

1. Musclethe-best-cordless-impact-wrenches-1192x500 One Tool to Rule Them All

By having a cordless impact wrench, you’ll never have to worry about having the beefiest of beefy arms in order to get stuff done. Not only that, you’ll spend less time nursing those wounds you’d have otherwise sustained without one. The truth of the matter is that this tool isn’t a knitting needle in the hands of a great grandmother–this is a seriously strong man-tool, and you’ll know it the first time you use it. Do not allow yourself to be taken (too much) by surprise when the torque ramps up your arm through your wrist–prepare yourself for it by bracing and setting yourself into a good, firm stance, and then you’ll thank your lucky stars that you aren’t banging your poor knuckles to bloody pulp anymore or crying like a baby as you lie down with back pain. This tool really does pick up the slack for you. Be thankful for its strength!

2. Flexibilityryobi-impact-wrench-2-500x500 One Tool to Rule Them All

One of the cool things about the cordless impact wrench is its ability to be as flexible as it is strong. This isn’t to say that the tool itself is physically flexible, of course; although, there are indeed a variety of connectors and attachments that allow our favorite tool to become even more able than it already is. The first main, current feature of the cordless impact wrench (sheer power) gives it more practical uses than it used to have. Because of this, we’re able to not only sink and remove screws, we’re also able to remove rusted nuts and bolts, drill a huge hole in almost anything, remove the lugs from wheels like a pro, stir our paint ourselves instead of taking it back to the hardware store, dismantle any part of our car or truck, and bring together those flimsy pieces of wood that just aren’t safe for our children. If any tool could say “use me to be manly and protect yourself and family,” it must be the cordless impact wrench.

3. Uniqueness milwaukee-tools-hd281w-m28-cordless-impact-wrench-312x500 One Tool to Rule Them All

Our last main point may seem trivial or perhaps vain, but it does still have some redeeming reasoning. Ask yourself this question: how many of your friends or family keep one of these babies in their car or truck? Now ask yourself this question: how many of your friends or family have been, at one time or another, unable to do something as simple as change a flat tire on the side of the road, or lacked the correct tools to do so? Well, now you can not only place yourself in the crowd of “Can Do,” but you will most certainly be in the crowd of “Pro Doer.” Imagine what it’d feel like to stop on the side of the road and whip out your cordless impact and go zip zip zip, “There you go, sir, there you are, ma’am,” or “There you are, dad.” Who wouldn’t enjoy one-upping their old man, if only a little? All joking aside, the point is that simply having one of these puts you into a different category of person, but not just for coolness (although it DOES make you cooler); it is also about PREPAREDNESS. By having this bad boy in your corner, you’ll not only LOOK cooler, you’ll BE cooler and better prepared to handle any daily things that might come your way.

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