Milwaukee 2454-22 M12 FUEL 38 Impact Wrench Kit

Milwaukee 2454-22 M12 FUEL 3/8″ Impact Wrench Kit

The Milwaukee 2454-22 is a cordless impact wrench that packs a mean punch for its size. It’s a 12 volt cordless impact wrench that can answer your heavy duty work needs.

The Milwaukee 2454-22 promises 117 ft-lbs of torque and has a price that’s well under $200.

If you want a cordless impact wrench that can do most of the work done by corded impact wrenches, then you should seriously consider this impact wrench.


  • Max torque of 117 ft-lbs or 1400 in-lbs
  • An adjustable 2-Mode drive control
  • A brushless motor
  • REDLITHIUM 2.0 Battery Technology
  • REDLINK PLUS Electronic Intelligence
  • LED light
  • An onboard fuel gauge


This cordless impact wrench is reputed for being powerful for its size and for actually delivering power close to, if not exactly the same as, what was mentioned in the specifications.

This wrench has two fastening modes to provide variable power. That means power when you need it but not so much that you over-torque and from destroy those sensitive 13-mm headed bolts.

You can use the first level power for more control when you are working on smaller bolts and generally for less heavy duty tightening and loosening jobs.

You can use the second level power for big, rusted bolts, heavy duty work, or if you just want to go crazy and remove pretty much everything you feel like.

Another good thing about this cordless impact wrench is the fact that it has a brushless motor. That means that you don’t have to think of replacing any brushes ever.

Brushless motors are also reputed for being more powerful and more efficient than those with brushes.

They also require less maintenance, can provide a longer run time because of the absence of friction, and they generally have a longer lifespan (assuming the same amount of use of course).

The REDLITHIUM 2.0 Battery Technology promises to deliver more power and twice the recharges than conventional lithium-ion batteries. It also promises a reliable performance in extreme jobsite conditions.

This battery is actually one of the major factors why people love the Milwaukee 2454-22; it lasts long on the job, and that’s an important characteristic of a portable impact wrench – or any portable power tool for that matter.

Users of portable power tools want to be free from the cord, and they also want to have to recharge as little as possible; they want a portable power tool, but they also want to feel like it’s corded.

Depending on the level of difficulty of the work plus the amount of work time, the Milwaukee 2454-22 may actually replace your conventional and corded air impact. If you do have a corded air impact wrench, you might not need it if you already have the Milwaukee 2454-22.

The REDLINK PLUS Electronic Intelligence feature promises optimized performance and protection form overload. This is helpful in ensuring that your cordless impact wrench lasts long and serves its potential lifetime capacity.

It also had a built-in LED light that helps you work under your car without having to hang a corded electric bulb near you.

It also gives a more focused light, providing you light exactly where you need it. Lastly, it has an onboard fuel gauge to avoid surprises and help you know when to recharge.

Things to be Aware Of

It’s hard to find a flaw on this beast, other than some people saying that the max torque is just around 105-110 ft lbs and not up to 117 ft lb as indicated in its specifications.

However, that is still greater than what other cordless impact wrenches are reputed to give and still surprisingly powerful for a small, 12 volt cordless impact wrench.

But at the end of the day of the day, it is still not the one to do it all for you. The Milwaukee 2454-22, despite its performance, can’t be expected to do it all. Some bolts can be too nasty even for this impact wrench.

Bottom Line

The Milwaukee 2454-22 almost hits it home don’t you think? The question is would you replace your corded impact wrench with it? Do you think that the Milwaukee 2454-22 can do all the tightening and loosening work you do?

If you are a pro or just a person who appreciates the nature of compact, cordless, and portable impact wrenches, then it would be hard for you to find a flaw in this portable impact wrench – except if you intentionally buy and use it for extremely heavy duty work.

One thing is for sure: the Milwaukee 2454-22 is one of the best cordless impact wrenches you can find when it comes to power and continuity of work.

With its lithium-ion battery, it is a genuine portable power tool that doesn’t rely on charging as much as other portable power tools do, and it actually delivers power. Overall, it’s an 8 out of 10.