Jesse James Tool Box

Jesse James Motorcycles & Cordless Impact Wrenches

Jesse James Motorcycles are quite famous and their namesake is well-known on American television; he’s managed to be a part of an exhilarating, hit program in the reality TV show Monster Garage. He is a unique voice and strong personality in the motorbike industry who has bestowed both artful engineering and passion into his creations, instead of just simple transportation for the average Joe Commuter. Jesse James chopper bikes are equipped so that they demand the attention of every passerby, including children, angst teens, the elderly, and especially those in the midst of a mid-life crisis. You can find countless combinations of designs, beauty, speed and sexiness between the tires and there is never anything shorted in quality. These iconic Jesse James bikes are hand picked by those who want the best and have garnered a huge spotlight among the public for their mechanical marvel of quality, design, comfort, and function..

The Deep Connection of Cordless Impact Wrenches & Jesse James Bikes

You might recall our recent article about changing a tire like a pit crew does. In it, we discuss the benefits and advantages to having and keeping a cordless impact wrench, fully charged and ready to go, in your ride at all times. One of the main reasons this is a great idea is the simple practicality of it. I’ve known a lot of people who couldn’t change a tire if you paid them and provided instructions, but the bigger issue is usually that most just flat out don’t want to do it or can’t find their tire tool (I won’t even get into the ones who don’t keep a usable spare). Still, those lugs can be difficult to take off even for Superman at times, so having an impact wrench handy keeps your hands happy and your back from getting wrenched. Not to mention it empowers more women to do more and depend less on the strength of a bigger arm. It’s also pretty darn cool but that almost goes without saying.
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Now back to the Jesse James Tool Box.

In our other post, we mention how the typical impact wrench requires air to operate. This means that you’d have to lug around a compressor and a hose to go with your impact. By having the cordless impact driver in your car or truck, you eliminate the need to spend the extra money and use up the extra space in your wheels, much less having to pull all of that stuff out and connect it when it’s needed. It’s just not practical and, as mentioned before, the cordless wrench IS.

This is where the connection between cordless impact wrenches and Jesse James’ custom bikes comes in. Can you imagine having to carry around an air compressor, hose, AND impact wrench on your pocket rocket or road hog? We can’t, either, which is why we wrote this article to begin with. Has the thought ever crossed your mind to keep an impact handy on your two-wheeled wonder? Well, we would like to submit the idea to you now if you haven’t considered it before. Some might say that a motorcyclist wouldn’t have much of a need for an impact, but au contraire mon frère, we beg to differ!

So Why Would Jesse James Bikes—or Any Bikes For That Matter—Bother With a Cordless Impact Wrench?

There are a few good reasons but we’ll start with the most obvious: the do-it-yourselfer. Yes, James is obviously a skilled craftsman who has a myriad of tools at his disposal, so the possibility of him carrying around a few essential tools for emergency repairs or tweaking is expected. However, what true and devoted bikers know is this: we give our wheels attention (and that means the whole bike). With that in mind, chances are if you have a motorcycle then right now you’re nodding your head in agreement. You know what? I’ll even expound a bit and say that most bike owners used to baby and treat their bicycles the same way as kids. It’s just who we are and what we do.

So, just because James’ level is Elite doesn’t mean that he is in the top one percent of gear owners and users.

Second, Jesse James chopper bikes are the result of professional automotive mechanics, proven engineering expertise, and rugged reliability. What better way to complement your fine-tuned road warrior machine than to keep similar, professional tools at the ready? Would you wash your bike with sandpaper? Well, then we use inferior tools?

Last, the cordless impacts are a wonder in and of themselves because they have so many uses. It’s highly probable that by just carrying one around, you’ll find regular uses for it—perhaps even “pit-crewing” a wheel off for the poor, stranded driver of Kia mini-van. Don’t judge—just be cool and get them to that soccer game.

What’s So Special About Cordless Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches are known for toughness. WrenchGuru is dedicated and focused on providing you the most comprehensive, interesting, and valuable information about this amazing drills. They are designed for durability and practicality, and with both mechanics and tire-change procratrastinators in mind. Every wrench manufactured passes through hundreds of tests and trials and proprietary hardening and treatment manufacturing procedures. These wrenches are innovative and ergonomically designed. We show you the hardest hitting impact wrenches that have excellence built-in and are the longest lasting. You can check out our Cordless Impact Wrench Buying Guide HERE.

What Motorcyclists Buy Cordless Impact Wrenches?

Serious professionals like Jesse James and Average Joe can both gain large benefits from the cordless impact. Furthermore, they are reasonably priced and highly appealing!. Many mobile professionals have employed these awesome wrenches to earn their bread and butter daily—not to mention that they are multi-functional and make wonderful gifts on Christmas and, of course, for that special guy on Father’s day.

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