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Ingersoll Rand Hammerhead Ratchet Wrench Review

Learn about more than sharks with our Ingersoll Rand Hammerhead Ratchet Wrench Review

May 11th, 2018 – Ingersoll Rand’s 2015 MAX cordless air ratchet gets a goodly amount of praise from customers but is going pneumatic (air) really the best choice for you?

Product Information

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Needless to say, I-R has been a known and trusted name for quite some time, and their air tools are definitely at the forefront of that business. With the 2015MAX, their line of air impact ratchets is continued and expanded for those who are either unwilling to make the move to cordless or who simply don’t need it.

The balance that is enjoyed by users of such tools is, according to I-R (Ingersoll Rand), a combination of the power from an impact wrench and the maneuverability of a ratchet. This is a tool you’ll find in any serious mechanic’s shop, as well as at-home DIY guy.

The height of the tool’s head is less than two inches and it sports a full, max torque load of 180 ft-lb at 7,100 rpm. At these specs, the 2015 MAX ratchet wrench is ahead of most in on-paper power and usability.

Specifications for the 2015MAX

  • Weight is listed at 4.1 pounds
  • Overall dimensions are 14 x 6.3 x 2.5 inches
  • Offered in 3/8” or 1/2”
  • Air-Powered (requires a compressed air source and hose)
  • Two-position power control regulator with forward-reverse ring control
  • Rear exhaust system design
  • Free-speed of 7,100 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 180 feet per pound
  • Feather-touch trigger
  • Composite housing design
  • Total head height under 2 inches
  • Comes in Ingersol-Rand’s common and recognizable silver and gray colors

Best Reasons to Buy

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  1. Trusted brand – IR lives up to its name with this tool as the general consensus among users is that it performs well and is sturdy, though lightweight.
  2. Light – as this is the air version and has no need for a battery, using it for long periods should be no problem.
  3. Power – While it is not the most powerful on the market, it assuredly offers a greater-than-average amount of torque, especially for the price.
  4. Price – the price for this particular ratchet wrench is excellent when compared with tools of similar ability, and even beats out some other name-brand peers.
  5. Size – due to this ratchet’s rather diminutive dimensions, it makes reaching those difficult areas much easier—a great bonus alongside its weight.

Top Reasons to Reconsider

  1. Defect – some users have reported an occasional defective tool which had to be replaced. However, replacements seem to have been handled quickly and most customers were happy with the new tool.
  2. Power – while it is more powerful than the average bear…err…air ratchet, there is still a debate on whether or not this particular tool is as powerful at I-R claims it is. Therefore, if you are looking for something with a large amount of power, then considering another may be an option.
  3. Portability – while this tool appears to be a good overall value, it still lacks the portability of an air impact ratchet and will require a hose-tether to an air compressor.
  4. Vibration – some users report a larger-than-normal amount of vibration uncommon for such a power range.

Our Summary

Our main love here at WR is of the cordless variety, but if we were to go out looking for an air ratchet wrench, then would we buy the 2015MAX from Ingersoll Rand? Well, that depends.

If you are looking for more power from your ratchet, then we would advise you to look elsewhere, and there are a couple of reasons why. First, while most seem satisfied with the power, there are still too many users complaining about the lack of power. Based on our personal knowledge of the tool, it seems like an excellent addition to an already diverse tool set, but for those who want to tackle larger or more regular nut-busting, we would look to a higher-powered and more rugged solution.

If, however, you are content in the mid to upper-middle range for power and performance, then the 2015 from IR could be a really nice fit, especially due to its smaller size and lighter weight. Some report that it’s almost like using a large ratchet, which we agree with because it really does set itself apart from other ratchets in these categories.

The price point—though it is not the highest—is definitely not the lowest, either, and therefore cannot be successfully labeled by us as a “bargain” buy, but is it a valuable buy? Ultimately we would have to leave that up to you, as there are many who find that it meets their needs exactly. However, looking down the barrel of our impact gun, we’d like to see IR do a couple of things with this particular model in order for us to be really happy with it: bring the price down a bit, and correct those defect issues. Apart from these, we’re generally satisfied with the MAX Hammerhead cordless wrench.

We hope this helps you out and happy mechanicing! For further info, check out IR’s video below: