Hitachi WR18DSDLP4 cordless impact wrench

Japanese Hitachi WR18DSDLP4 18V Cordless Impact Wrench

For years now, Japanese engineering has been practically synonymous with quality, value, or both–and the Hitachi cordless impact wrench is no exception to the rule.

Just snatch up this little, green bad boy in your hand and you’ll immediately feel its uniquely-designed contours, which sport similar feels to the brand’s other power hand tools. Apply it to a rusted lug nut and your first impression might just be further improved as you become of aware of the torque hiding inside, just waiting to express itself through the quarter-inch, square driver tip.

With such a low selling price, will this little green monster really go through anything you set it to, without a shred of difficulty? Let’s give a whirl, shall we?

The Hitachi WR18DSDLP4 18-volt is a wonderful tool that can work on automobiles, around the house and on appliances. It is an impact wrench that balances out sheer power and battery efficiency. This is an 18-volt power tool that makes repair and retrieval easier. Hitachi made sure that it uses 188 flubs of torque.

They threw power saving and full power mode over to enable users to work with the wrench according to the level of difficulty of their work.

These two modes are great when dealing with various situations and can be quite impressive in the hands of an experienced professional because of its industrial grade quality.


  • Capable of 188 flubs of torque
  • ½ inch square drive
  • Runs on power saving and full power mode
  • Uses LED lights for better visibility
  • Lifetime Lithium Ion Tool Warranty
  • Lightweight at 2.5 pounds
  • Sleek dimensions at 6.4 x 3 x 8 inches
  • Runs on an 18-volt battery

Hitachi is a renowned power tool maker that creates a variety of hardware for in and outside the garage. These power tools can be used in different situations and excel in them altogether.

However, one of the best tools Hitachi has created for rotational action is the WR18DSDLP4, an 18-volt tool that makes use of premium parts. Removing lug nuts and operating heavy equipment is impossible with anything else other than this Hitachi impact wrench.

With 188 flubs of torque, it is the perfect industrial tool for demanding work. It is powerful for work that requires a lot of force, but not too much that it makes it hard for the user to work with the tool.

Industrial tools have this notion that they are too intense for the typical user.

All you need to do with this Lithium-Ion Hitachi wonder tool is turn on the device, select from power saving or full power mode and point it in the right direction. Work will be done in no time.


Hitachi made this impact wrench extra strong at 188 flubs of torque. That is enough power to do basic and intermediate tasks in the garage or along the road.

Lug nuts become easy to remove no matter how much torque was applied to them before. Nothing truly stays in place, not with this ½ inch power tool from Hitachi. It makes sure that it won’t be challenging to use.

You have full control over this equipment’s battery consumption with its two power modes. The power saving mode really does cut battery consumption up to 30 percent, according to some users.

They say it lasts slightly longer than other impact wrenches they have. On the other hand, the full-power mode is a strong response to difficult tasks that require more force. The wrench will exert the full 188 flubs without making it impossible to control well.


There is just one tiny detail with this impact wrench that has people wondering. This is a great power tool with a lot of features that match its price. But if you need something more powerful, other impact wrenches will easily dominate this 18-volt Hitachi.

Industrial-grade tools should be stronger than usual and have a much higher level of torque.

This does not mean the tool is bad, but it can fall short for others when it comes to its torque level. Other impact wrenches have a higher flub rating at a lower price.


Overall the Hitachi WR18DSDLP4 18-volt wrench scores a nine out of ten. It is durable, compact, has adequate torque and sports a great blue paint job.

Hitachi made sure you can work with it at any time of day with its LED lights that provide ample lighting to any dark place.

You can work with this anywhere because it is cordless and has a superb battery life, regardless of which of the two power modes you select.

This industrial tool is designed for intermediate to advanced work. However, you might want to look elsewhere if you want higher torque and more power.

There are industrial tools that have more than 300 flubs of torque at a slightly higher price, but are not high enough to dissuade people who want an upgrade.

The Internet is a vast resource for other impact wrenches. It would not be hard to look for a wrench that goes above 200.

Hitachi made this as budget-friendly and balanced as possible for any user. This makes any difficult scenario easier because it has ample amounts of power stored within such a small and portable tool.