Hiltex 10513 1-1/2 Inch SDS Rotary Hammer Drill Review

Is the Hiltex Rotary Hammer Drill a good choice for casual users and DIYers? The tool is being marketed as an alternative to high-end rotary hammers, but does it offer the power and comfort users need?

We’ve seen a lot of rotary hammers make this claim, but they often fall short when it comes to performance. After reviewing the Hiltex SDS, we can safely say this is a high-quality rotary hammer that consistently delivers.


  • The SDS is equipped with a 100-watt motor, which enables it to deliver a consistent performance. With this motor, you can rely on the Hiltex for continuous use

  • The rotary hammer is built with emphasis on versatility as you can use this on solid steel, brick and concrete

  • The rotary hammer has a 360° auxiliary handle, providing comfort and grip. The textured grip also ensures the tool does not slip while you use it

  • There are three built-in modes for the Hiltex: hammer/chisel only; drill only (rotation and hammering; and rotation. You can choose which mode to work with for maximum productivity

  • The Hiltex rotary hammer has a 6-speed control for extra precision

  • With a 0-3500 RPM no-load impact frequency and 0-600 RPM no-load rotation speed, you can configure the tool to meet your requirements

  • The Hiltex has 1” steel and 1 ½” concrete capacity

  • Aside from the rotary hammer, the package includes a blow mold case, 2 SDS chisels (point and flat) and a 3-piece 6” SDS drills (12mm, 8mm and 10mm). A bottle of oil and a 1 piece depth gauge, as well as a chuck with key and adaptor.


  • Durable motor

  • Comes with multiple modes

  • Easy to adjust

  • Comfortable to hold


  • Not compatible with SDS max chisels

  • More suited for light-medium tasks than heavy duty

Performance and usage

The Hiltex rotary hammer packs sufficient power for most DIY and home improvement activities. With its 5 ft./lb. impact energy you can even use this for the occasional heavy-duty project.

The Hiltex is most effective when it is used on concrete, but you can still get excellent results when used on other materials as indicated in the features list above. No matter what you’re working on, it’s easy to fine tune the Hiltex because of its multiple modes.

Do you only need to use the hammer? You can set the rotary hammer to use only that. You can also set this up to hammer and rotate, or just drill. Whichever you need, the Hiltex makes it easy to do the proper adjustment. Once you have chosen a setting, you can use the variable speed for your project.

Sometimes projects take a long time and it can physically take a toll on you. However, the grip is non-slip and comfortable, so you can keep going without fatigue setting in.

Unlike other rotary hammers, the Hiltex doesn’t get too hot. With its power, you can use it to make 4 ½ inch holes in concrete as much as 5” thick. You can also use this tool to chip holes in 4” squares. There is also enough power here to chip into cement-filled cinder blocks.

The drill bits that come with it are high quality and can get the job done. They are also easy to put into the rotary hammer.

The Hiltex is well built and can take a few hits, but you don’t want to get careless with this. You don’t need to use a lot of force as just a little pressure is enough.

Should you buy it?

A lot of rotary hammers seem to fall in just two categories: the powerful high-end models for advanced users, and the entry-level types which lack power. The Hiltex is for those who want compromise, one that’s easy enough for casual users, but also with enough power if a heavy-duty project comes along.

The Hiltex is a good choice for casual users because it has the power and flexibility necessary to do whatever projects need to be done. Its numerous features increase productivity. At the same time, it doesn’t have a steep learning curve, so you can get started right away.

Another reason the Hiltex is ideal for beginners is the number of useful accessories that come with it. With the oil bottle, you can immediately start using the rotary hammer. Along with the chisels, depth gauge and other accessories, and you’ll get a lot of work done.


The Hiltex rotary hammer is one of the most reliable in its class, providing the kind of performance you would expect from it. As we noted in this review, the Hiltex is more appropriate for light- and medium-duty projects, but that’s what most homeowners are into anyway. We give this our recommendation without reservations.