GoPlus demo hammer review

Goplus 2200 watt Jack Hammer Review

The Goplus Jackhammer has earned a reputation for reliability, but how effective is it compared to other jackhammers sold online today?

The Goplus is marketed for home and business use, but how good is it when used in home improvement projects?

That is what we wanted to find out, so we got our hands on the Goplus, and this is what we learned about this jackhammer.

71cndZV7vWL._SL1200_ Goplus 2200 watt Jack Hammer ReviewFeatures

  • The Goplus is equipped with a 2,200-watt motor for durable and provides a reliable performance
  • Comes with a durable carry case; the case has wheels and a handle so it is easier to use
  • The Goplus has a 1,900 RPM no-load speed, so it’s more convenient to use without compromising power
  • The jackhammer weighs just 33 lbs., so it is easier to operate than other jackhammers
  • The design makes the Goplus easy to operate, even for those who aren’t used to jackhammers
  • With the jackhammer’s 360° swivel fore grip, you’ll find it easier to operate
  • The feature set makes it ideal for demolition, breaking, trenching and other projects
  • The jackhammer has the power to create holes in concrete, stucco tiles, and bricks.
  • Like other jackhammers, the Goplus comes with some oil, but it isn’t full—just enough for testing. You should put new oil in it (follow the manual’s recommendations for oil) and fill it up

71bNjrG9zyL._SL1200_ Goplus 2200 watt Jack Hammer ReviewPros

  • Easy learning curve
  • Can be used on concrete and other materials
  • Lots of motor power
  • Adjustable fore grip


  • This doesn’t have a variable speed
  • Some force is necessary to use the tool at full power

71ICyYoXhJL._SL1200_ Goplus 2200 watt Jack Hammer ReviewPerformance and usage

With a no-load speed of 1,900 RPM and a 2,200 watt-motor power, you won’t be lacking in power. It isn’t as large as other jackhammers, but as far as power goes, the Goplus performs admirably.

It’s easy to figure out how the Goplus jackhammer works, but you need to exert some force to use this at full power. It’s worth the effort though, as the Goplus can break granite and other rocks without a lot of difficulty.

As we indicated in the features set, the Goplus jackhammer is capable of breaking various materials and surfaces. Some materials require more force than others, but the best approach is to just let the machine do the work; just hold the jackhammer and it’ll do the rest.

The instructions for the jackhammer don’t say much, but that’s not really an issue since the Goplus is easy to operate. The fact that it doesn’t say much is probably a good thing so you can use the tool right away.

Like other jackhammers, you should fill the Goplus with new oil and let it run for a few minutes. It just needs a couple of minutes to warm up, and then it’ll be ready for use. If you’re going to do heavy work you might need an extension cord, but hooking one up should not be an issue.

This jackhammer is solidly constructed so it can take a lot of punishment. The body is metal and it can easily take down concrete posts. The jackhammer is also great for landscaping as it can cut and chip rocks to refine your yard or garden.

The Goplus is also effective for breaking up hard clay soil. With this jackhammer, you can remove large root balls, including those up to 7’ large. With its hammer, you can also break up large chunks of concrete.

With the Goplus you’ll also be able to dig ditches and do various types of home improvements and renovation. For beginners and advanced users, the jackhammer works.

61VxHFbK0AL._SL1200_ Goplus 2200 watt Jack Hammer ReviewShould you buy it?

This isn’t the first Goplus jackhammer, and if you have used other Goplus jackhammers before, you’re going to notice that it’s been upgraded from the previous versions. If you have never used a jackhammer before or are not happy with your current model, this is worth buying.

If you want a jackhammer for home use, the Goplus is going to fit your needs. It is not as powerful or as fast as larger jackhammers, but for home improvements and other masonry work, this tool is going to work.

One of the questions that often gets asked is whether it is better to rent or buy a jackhammer. If you’re going to use a jackhammer frequently, it is always better to buy one like the Goplus. The cost of buying is cheaper than renting again and again, and the build makes this a solid investment.


The Goplus jackhammer doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance. It is easier to use than other jackhammers, and has the power to handle most materials you’ll have to work on at home. The Goplus is not perfect, but as far as performance goes the Goplus is better compared to other jackhammers in its class.