GHP 2800W Electric Demolition Hammer review

GHP 2800 Watt Jackhammer Review

Have you heard about the virtually unknown GHP 2800 Watt jackhammer and wondering if it’s a good purchase?

This is supposedly the more powerful version of the XtremepowerUS 2200 which we reviewed before, but how well does the it perform in real life?

We took the GHP out for a test drive, so to speak, and we were quite happy with the results. Details follow.


  • The GHP breaker hammer runs on 2800 watts, giving it more power than other models in its range
  • It has a no-load speed of 1900 impacts per minute, great for heavy-duty work
  • A bull-point and flat chisel are included. Both are 1 ⅛” and can be used on a number of different materials
  • A carry case is included so you can take the breaker hammer with you. Because the case has wheels, it’s easier to maneuver
  • Like similar breaker hammers, this model is designed for the convenience of new users
  • There is a built-in anti-vibration control and 360-degree swivel handle which reduces the effect on your body and hands
  • The design has been simplified compared to other breaker hammers; just point the tool to the target, pull the trigger and the GHP will do the rest


  1. Clearly more powerful and versatile than 1800 to 2,200-watt versions
  2. Conveniently comes with a carrying case
  3. Seems effective for a variety of applications
  4. Seems like the type of tool that can enjoy a long lifespan
  5. Fatigue on the user seems diminished thanks to the design


  1. Carrying case is a bit of a contrast to the tool, and despite its “heavy duty” rating, feels a bit flimsy
  2. A thorough reading of the instructions is basically needed in order to use the tool

Performance and usage

The GHP breaker hammer needs quality oil to run. Just follow the recommendation in the manual, pour it in, and the tool is good to go. The chisels are sharp and effective, and the wrench is great for tightening.

In short, it performs very well thanks to its strong blow force, and its performance is even comparable to some costlier, name-brand electric hammers. In short, it seems that it’s a heckuva lot better than renting a breaker hammer at your local mom n’ pop shop.

This 2800-W demo hammer works best on projects which are around 100 sq. feet or less. It can definitely handle bigger jobs, but just like me eating when I was a child, it’s just going to take a bit longer (heck, who am I kidding–it still takes me a while to finish eating. Don’t judge me!) For most home improvement and masonry projects, however, the GHP has sufficient material-breaking power. It has enough power to smash large concrete footing. Concrete 6’ deep won’t pose a problem though it might take some time if there is rebar.

If you’ve never used a breaker hammer before, read the instructions and you’ll be set. You may also want to check some more information before you buy or use one, which you can conveniently do here. This hammer has oil, but it’s not completely filled, and is more for testing than heavy-duty work. Use that to test the tool and let it warm up. When you’re ready to do serious work it’s best to put in new oil.

This should go without saying, but you should wear eye protection and gloves; a face mask is also recommended because debris might fly depending on what you’re working on. The breaker hammer doesn’t make as much noise as other tools, but you can wear protection if you think it’s too loud.

Unless you’re working on something very hard, this jackhammer will just spin and produce noise when you pull the trigger. Its impact power is excellent, though sometimes, it may be necessary to do a tip reset.

The flat and bull-point chisels have their uses, though the bull point is more effective for splitting concrete. The tool weighs 35 lbs., but it’s not that hard to guide the tool so it can shape the material as you want. There’s no variable speed, but the tool still works very well.

Should you buy it?

If you’re looking for a dependable break hammer/jackhammer that won’t break your budget like Van Damme broke stuff in Bloodsport, then the GHP is an excellent option. If you have been using the 2200 XtremepowerUS and it no longer has the power to match your requirements, perhaps this is a worthy upgrade.

The power and specs make this an ideal tool for most home improvement projects of small to medium size, so if you’re the type who has to work on large basements, in-ground pools and other, similar projects, the GHP 2800 W jack hammer should fit the bill.

For light- and medium-duty jobs, it does fine, but it’s also capable of heavy duty projects including 100’ runs. If you’ve used breaker hammers before, then this tool design should look and feel quite familiar, and that’s a plus as it cuts down on the learning curve.

GHP did a decent job in making this breaker hammer as comfortable to use as possible. Yes, you’re still going to feel some vibration, and you will feel the effects if you use it for long periods. But overall, this breaker hammer is more comfortable to use than others in its range.


There are lots of good breaker hammers on the market, but the GHP 2800-watt version is one that’s worth looking into. It has all the good features of the 2200 XtremepowerUS, but with more power, and it is durable too. After our thorough review, we give the GHP 2800W a nice thumbs-up.