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The Priciest Spanner Wrench Autozone Has Isn’t Always Necessary

Spanner wrenches are great tools for many mechanics and technicians, but even the best models don’t have to cost a fortune.

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A spanner wrench is something that many workers need to own in their tool box. The best designs should allow users to tighten and loosen fixtures and bolts no matter the situation. There are different designs for different needs, and it is quite possible that you will find you need more than one style on hand in your line of work. It is tempting to head over to a retailer like Autozone and stock up on a few cheap models to get you by. However, this isn’t necessarily the most cost-effective approach. There are lots of effective, clever spanner wrenches out there that you can online at a fraction of the cost. Three great examples include the following.    

  1. OTC 885 Adjustable Hook Spanner Wrench:

  This OTC hook wrench looks about is basic as you can get in terms of the design or features. In fact, the product description alongside its sales pages it suitably succinct. This is a 24 inch long metal hook wrench with a capacity of between 1.5 and 4 inches. Users can adjust it to handle turret adjusting nuts and packing gland nuts.  

Beyond that, the manufacturer doesn’t really have much to say about it.

  Buyers, however, add a few comments about the tight fit on the nuts and the effective process, but again don’t go into much detail. The bottom line here seems to be that this is simple and reliable with no surprises.    

  1. Bahco 9029 R US 6-Inch Wide Mouth Adjustable Wrench:

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Next up we have one that is better suited to all the maintenance workers and electricians out there. The instant appeal with this top spanner wrench is the ease of adjustments. There are clear marking along the head of this 8 inch tool to ensure that users can adapt the tool to their precise needs.   That head is also nice and slim, with tapered jaws to increase the accuracy and accessibility in tight spaces. This means that workers from different backgrounds should have no problem fine tuning this wrench to the needs of their current task. In addition to this, there is the added benefit of the strength of the tool. It has a phosphate finish and corrosion treatment to ensure a longer lifespan.    

  1. Tooluxe 02006L Universal Adjustable Pin Plier:

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An adjustable design can come in different forms. It is clear in the wrench above because of the scale and adjustable head. This set of pin pliers doesn’t really look like it could do that much. Yet, it too is adjustable for different jobs and need.   Users can set the distance range from 15 to 80mm, allowing for ease of use on different tasks. It is sold as a tool for changing the backing pads on angle grinders. But, this narrows down the potential far too much. There is also the chance to use this on other pieces of machinery and round nuts. Once again, users can appreciate the strength of this tool with the use of polished steel and a corrosion resistant coating.  

Why head to a pricey store when you can pick up a durable item online?

There are some people that know what they want, and then head to their local, reliable retailer to find it. This may seem like the most efficient way to stock up on new tools, but it might not be the most cost-effective. Online shopping offers three advantages here.

  1. First of all, the price paid for these tools is often much less than that of a spanner wrench Autozone offer, or indeed any other leading retailer. This could make a difference if you need more than one new tool.
  2. Secondly, you are assured the same top quality tools as you would find in a brick and mortar store. The high-quality, well-crafted designs above mean a longer lifespan, which cuts tool costs in the long run. This means double the savings.
  3. Finally, there is the choice of tools. The three models mentioned above were selected because of their quality, but also the differences in method and function. They are just a trio of the many tools to browse online.

There is no need to head out with a single-minded purpose when you can browse online stores and find better deals. Compare and contrast the best spanner wrenches to find the right tool for your needs.