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The WrenchGuru.com Fidget-a-Little Scholarship 2017

Fidget-a-Little-1000x500 The WrenchGuru.com Fidget-a-Little Scholarship 2017Hello from WrenchGuru!

How many of us young men or women used to fidget around or tinker with stuff when we were kids? I know I did.

How many of you are now (a bit) older and still “fidgeting,” trying to figure out how stuff works or simply just learning or wanting to learn how to fix things?

Now, how many of you are currently enrolled or are enrolling in a mechanical, technological, or design program?

If you are, then it’s possible that you just might land yourself an extra $100, $50, or $25 to help you with your expenses while studying.

What are the rules? Well, it’s quite simple:

Starting TODAY, WrenchGuru.com is taking submissions for our “Fidget-a-Little” scholarship. The concept is simple:

1st: “Like” our Facebook page (you can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/ciwrench/ )

2nd: Write a GREAT essay article of no less than 1000 words about a technology, design, tool, or other innovation that is somehow related to the kind of information we provide here on our site. Longer is okay!

3rd: POST your essay article on your Facebook wall for all to see, TAG us, and include a LINK to our homepage https://www.wrenchguru.com, along with the message below:

I wrote this essay article for www.WrenchGuru.com’s “Fidget-a-Little” Scholarship! I could win $100, $50, or $25 to help me with my higher education expenses! Please like and share!

4th: Send the link to your post directly to ciwrench@wrenchguru.com, along with current proof of your student status. Please don’t send your private information, just something from your school declaring your current enrolled student status, name, and major, so that we can verify it! (this information will be deleted after the contest has ended and will not be used apart from initial verification).

5th: Now you can wait, but don’t relax! Let as many of your friends know as possible about your entry. It’s important, and we’ll explain why!

Important Info

Rules & Disclaimer

This contest is restricted to ONLY university, vocational, college, or similar institutions of higher learning located in The United States of America. Entrants located outside of the USA or who are not currently enrolled students in an institution of higher learning will be disqualified.

We (wrenchguru.com) retain the rights to all entries and may (or may not) post or publish runners-up or other entries on our site at a later date. By entering this scholarship essay article competition you acknowledge our rules and agree to abide by them.

You also agree to submit original, non-copyrighted or plagiarized content, written only by yourself, and to include working, direct URLs (links) to any sources quoted in your essay article. Any failure to meet any of these rules will result in disqualification from our scholarship competition.

No guarantee is made by WrenchGuru.com except that, upon completion of the review of all entries, three winners will be chosen and announced, one being First Place, one being Second Place, and another being Third Place. Winning entries will be announced on our website and our Facebook page. Only the top three winners will receive direct notifications–WrenchGuru.com will not be notifying all entrants whose essay articles were not one of the winners.

The essay article scholarship contest for this year will close by August 15th, 2017! Any entries received after that date will not be considered.

Winners will be contacted and announced between the end of August and the middle of September, 2017. Awards will be disbursed during that time.


Winners of the Fidget-a-Little Scholarship must have a Paypal account in order to receive their prize. Upon notification, winners must provide a good Paypal address to which WrenchGuru may transfer to. Upon transfer, public notification will be made about the scholarship’s completion.


If the winner(s) so desire, they may opt to receive their payment in the form of an Amazon gift card which can be mailed to any location with the continental USA.

Please Share This With Students and College Faculty!

I had to leave my first university due to a lack of funds. Every little bit helps, so let’s get the word out.

We will be judging the articles using a variety of methods, including style, grammar, sources, layout, content, and relevance! Do your best, be create, and FIDGET A LITTLE!

Questions or Concerns? Email us directly: ciwrench@wrenchguru.com

Higher Education Schools and Organizations can contact us here: ciwrench@wrenchguru.com


Thank you from WrenchGuru.com and Good Luck!