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Electric Impact Wrench Lowes: How to Choose the Best

Choosing the right tool from a vast selection can be an overwhelming choice, to say the least. Some people choose the most inexpensive options, while others select whatever the nearest clerk recommends. That is because every time they shop for and buy an electric impact wrench Lowes, they always end up standing in front of the many selections for hours.

To be honest, even though you narrowed down your impact wrench choices to those that are electrically powered or corded, there are still dozens of high-quality models to choose from. So, what you need to do to make the right selection is to gain a deeper understanding of the features that differentiate various impact wrench models.

With that said, let’s examine what those features are.

Why Use a Corded Electric Impact Wrench?

Electric impact wrenches are often considered the middle ground candidate among impact wrenches. Yes, battery-operated, or cordless impact wrenches, are more convenient for some home users because of their prize and ease-of-use, but the batteries can run out quickly. Similarly, air impact wrenches are a huge investment of both space and money.

However, electric impact wrenches can be used in a lot of projects indefinitely because they run directly from a power source with a plug. As long as you have power, you can keep working. While this means that you need to have a power source on the job site, this can be said about many power tools.

Still, within electric wrenches, there is a wide variety of different torques, speeds, and options available to you as a shopper. And those are all things that you should consider.

What are the Variations among Electric Impact Wrenches?

Let’s take a closer look at the features that may differ between various electric impact wrenches. With a better understanding of each of these features, you’ll be able to find your perfect tool.

  • Torque

The number one thing that you will need to consider is how much torque you need to get the job done. Torque is the amount of rotational power that will be exerted on the fasteners that you are either putting in or removing from a material, so you need to be sure your tool will have enough torque to complete the job.

If you plan to do low-impact jobs at home that involve shorter screws and wood, a low torque option will be sufficient. If you’re going to work on automotive projects or long screws, you would need something with higher torque and variable speed options to be sure you can get the job done.

Nevertheless, in general, electric, corded impact wrenches tend to have more power than battery-powered versions that simply don’t have the same juice behind their functionality.

  • Speed and Speed Variables

There’s a balance of torque and speed that needs to happen when you’re working with an impact gun. Depending on the current situation, you might need a high torque that is working at a low speed to remove something like a rusty bolt successfully.

The key here is that you need your tool to provide variety. The best electric impact wrench models, generally speaking, are those that give you a variable speed option. In some cases, varying speed is as simple as changing your grip as other tools have an adjustable dial.

So just how adjustable is the impact wrench?

Test the speed control of different models and see which is more intuitive for you to use. Once you find this, you will be able to narrow down your impact wrench options dramatically.

  • Durability

If you’re going to spend all this time picking out a great impact wrench, you want it to last! Thus, choose a model from a reliable brand and one that is made of sturdy parts. The frustration caused by a tool that breaks just weeks after buying it is almost worse than not owning the tool at all.

  • Add-on Accessories

While this feature is still limited to high-end electric impact wrenches, there are a number of options out there wherein you can add accessories one at a time. Much like a power drill, these accessories can be used to simplify your work in the garage or on the job site. Some such accessories that you may want to use with your impact wrench include sanding and drilling bits.

If these are features that you really need, this is the first thing you should check for when narrowing down your choices. Not every company has started to offer these services yet, so it will be a rarer thing to find.

  • Customer Service

Find out if the wrench comes with any warranty options or if you can add one on in the store. By having some type of protection on your wrench, you’ll be able to get quick repairs if anything would break.

Additionally, choose a brand that has local service centers or is serviceable in your hardware store. Even the best tools have problems sometimes, so having someone local who can help you repair it will be key for the longevity of your new tool.

  • Price

Price is a guiding factor in every purchase that is made, so it’s worth highlighting here. No matter what your budget is for an electric impact wrench, the key factor to examine is whether or not you’re getting enough bang for your buck.

Is the wrench durable? Does it include any type of warranty, limited or otherwise? Can you find replacement parts and bits for it easily or can they only be bought directly from the manufacturer?

It’s not really worth your time or money to buy a very expensive model that has no warranty. On the flipside, a cheap model without a warranty may be a better option depending on how long you plan to use the device. The key is to balance your budget with the available features.

Electric Impact Wrench Lowes: The Conclusion

Remember, there is no final answer about which impact wrench is the best one. Despite what some people will try to tell you, many options are more similar than anything else.

The best choice will depend on what you can afford, where you will use it, and which one simply stands out to you as the best option. The key is that you end up with an electric impact wrench Lowes that works for you.

Keep in mind that most sellers also have some type of return policy if the tool is not working correctly or if you change your mind just after buying it. Buying an impact wrench isn’t a lifetime commitment, after all. You can always get a new one!

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