DeWalt DCH133B Max XR Rotary Hammer Drill Review

The name DeWalt is well-known among DIYers and contractors because they manufacture quality hand and power tools. The Max XR brushless rotary hammer drill is one of their more popular products, but does it live up to the hype?

We have reviewed several rotary hammers, and we wanted to find out how well the DeWalt stacks up. After a comprehensive review, we’re happy to say the DeWalt lives up to expectations.


  • Brushless design provides superior and reliable performance.

  • It comes with a load speed of up to 1,500 RPM, giving you a lot of options when using it

  • The XR has a BPM of 0 to 5,500, providing you with the means to finish your work

  • The compact design makes the Max XR ideal for use in tight situations where other rotary hammers cannot work

  • The DeWalt is built with special electronics which allow the tool to hold its speed, regardless of the bit size used

  • The durable construction lets you use the rotary hammer in rugged conditions

  • It has impact energy of 2.6 joules, more than enough for use in different applications

  • The portable design means you can use the DeWalt anytime, anywhere

  • The rotary hammer is engineered for precision and accuracy, even when used on hard concrete


  • Easy to use, even in narrow locations

  • Maintains speed even with different bits

  • Faster than other rotary hammer drills

  • Lightweight and portable


  • Battery not included

  • There is no carry case

Performance and usage

The Max XR is well packaged, so upon arrival, it is easy to unpack. The instructions are easy to follow, and if you have used a rotary hammer before, the process will be familiar.

The Max XR goes through concrete as effectively as more expensive models. It is lighter than other rotary hammers in its class, so it won’t tire your arms or hands. Because the Max XR is easy to use, a lot of DIYers and home users find this to be a practical tool.

A good rotary hammer is easy to use, provides a consistent performance and is built for long-term use. That is what the XR does; it may be smaller than other rotary hammers, but it doesn’t lack in power. The compact size and design also works for it because you can use it to work in tight spots.

You can use different bits on the XR and it won’t affect the performance or speed. DeWalt also trumps the 2.63J optimized mechanism, and it shows. The electronics also hold up well to prolonged use, plus the speed and efficiency are actually better than its corded counterparts.

The rotary hammer is made for use on hard concrete and other materials with speed. Unlike other rotary hammers, you don’t have to mess around with cords, and you don’t have to give up anything in terms of power.

Drilling holes in concrete slabs poses no problems, and its consistency is among the best we have seen. With its power and versatility, you will be able to use this for drilling bricks and other materials ordinary rotary hammers cannot deal with.

Should you buy it?

The Max XR is an all-purpose rotary hammer, good for home and professional use. If you want a rotary hammer that is light, powerful and dependable, the Max XR is as good an option as any.

We have already pointed out many of the fine qualities in the Max XR, so we will not go over them again. What we want to add is that the XR is also one of the most durable rotary hammers around. Its quality and durability are similar to those of more expensive rotary hammers.

The XR is ideal for users of different levels of experience; it is easy enough for new users, yet it has the power and depth contractors and other pros will like. For professionals and those always on the go, the compact size of the XR means it’s not going to take as much space in your bag, and it also won’t be a burden to carry.

The compact design makes the XR ideal for use in many situations such as creating wedge anchor holes, and general hammering and drilling. Even those who use more powerful rotary hammers will find this a complement to those they use. For homeowners, it may be the only rotary hammer they need.


Thee DeWalt Max XR is an exceptional rotary hammer drill. One of the most common problems with other rotary hammers is they’re either too light or heavy. For this reason, it’s a no-brainer to give the XR our full recommendation. Its superior performance, durability and portability make for an outstanding power tool.