dewalt cordless impact wrench

DeWalt DCF899. True Form: BEAST MODE.

Long before the days of successful cordless drills and impact wrenches, I held a strong craving for cordless power tools that were actually full of exactly that—power—but it took a while before the tech or manufacturers caught up and finally created the cordless beast known as the DeWalt DCF899. Time has changed and the days are now upon us when we can actually use a cordless tool with both stamina AND power. The DeWalt DCF899 is no stranger to either one of these things, garnering both excellent performance reviews and attention from shade tree and professional mechanics alike, across the globe.

Let’s start with a few specs, shall we?

First off, the DCF899 comes with a 20-Volt setup, which is more than most drills on the market today. I used to have a 24-Volt Black & Decker hammer drill which I actually loved very much, and though it was a bit overkill for some of my woodworking applications, this DeWalt drill–much like my childhood favorite Houston Astros in 2017–is in a different league as it relates to the power area.


At 12.3 pounds, the DCF899 is definitely a bit on the heavy side but the experienced user knows they’ll be holding sporadically, not all day long. In most users’ experiences, it seems that the weight works in its favor to help control its power when removing those tough nuts and bolts. For an example of the DCF899‘s beast mode, check out this awesome and simple video HERE.


If you’re like I USED to be, then you may not realize the great leap forward DeWalt has made with this powerful cordless drill. Back in the day, keeping a battery (or two) on the charger was a must due to short-lasting drills. Even several of the 18-Volt drills we had wore down too quickly in my opinion, and in all honesty I wondered if there would ever be such a thing as a strong, long-lasting, and powerful cordless drill, much less a beefy cordless impact wrench. Once you pick up the DCF899 however, your cynicism will quickly and surely turn to belief–in miracles.
If you take a moment to read what everyone is saying about this cordless impact wrench, then you’ll see several common opinions. The first one is usually “WOW!” Some others are related to the sheer power of the DCF899, and others are actually about how the battery lasts for days.

You heard that right–DAYS. Stamina, anyone?


Okay, this is where I must admit that I don’t really care so much about the price, to be honest. As is typical with the cordless impact wrenches, it may or may not come with a battery, so some due diligence is necessary in order to determine your “final” price. You can better shop for the right cordless impact wrench by checking out our free buyer’s guide article located HERE. The bottom line is that this baby will cost more than a couple hundred smackers, but for those who want or need a serious cordless impact wrench that can really stand out and do the job, then this is the one and the price is more than fair.


Most of us already know that DeWalt makes some quality products and doesn’t typically fudge much on any of their tools, not the least of which are their drills. TheDeWalt DCF899 is no exception to this and, in our opinion, sets the bar much higher in this area than it’s ever been before. There are, of course, some other options out there and we’ll be reviewing many of them for you here at Wrench Guru. Howevever, it’s our belief that the purchaser of this fine cordless impact wrench will neither be disappointed nor regretful for shelling out the tidbits for this beast.

Check out the link below if you’d like more information on purchasing. Thanks so much!