DeWalt DCD985L2 review

Cordless demolition hammer drills are an excellent tool and can help greatly in many construction projects. There are many times when you need to drill a hole to insert wires, supports, and more. That’s why a drill that can handle a wealth of materials is important. For that reason, a powerful drill like the DeWalt DCD985L2 should be a good purchase for many people in the construction business.

There’s a lot of competition in the cordless drill market though. You’ll want to be sure about your purchase so that there won’t be any regrets. Here’s a brief look at exactly what this cordless demolition hammer drill can offer so that you can make an informed decision about your purchase.


  • Variable Speed Transmission. This drill has several speed ratings instead of the normal high and low speeds found in other drills. There is the low setting which maxes out at 600 RPM. Next, there is the medium setting. It tops out at 1250 RPM. The highest setting has the drill go to a surprising 2000 RPM which outperforms most of the competition. This variable speed allows you to set the drill to the speed that you can better control.
  • High Power Motor. The wide variable speed is made possible by the very powerful motor behind the drill. This motor manages to get your drill to pierce anything under the sun – the same performance you would expect to get from a corded model. The excellent motor ensures that you get the most out of the power your batteries provide.
  • Large Capacity Batteries. As for the batteries, they’re pretty big in terms of capacity. Instead of the standard 18 volt ones, you get 20 volt batteries that can ensure that you will be working for hours without interruption.
  • Solid Construction. Finally, this drill is made for heavy-duty work and can stand up to it. The well-made casing and the steady ratcheting chuck ensures that both your drill and its bits will last you a long time.


  • This is a very powerful drill. The high-efficiency motor on this product ensures that you get the most of your drill. The drill has been tested on a lot of materials and nothing out there can slow it down: metal, wood, brick, and more are all quickly pierced by this product. The three speed settings are also a great help so that the drill won’t go overboard. For softer materials, use the low 600 RPM setting, while the tougher materials will require the full 2000 RPM of this motor.
  • The 20 volt lithium-ion batteries can make a difference. A lot of the other products in the same category use 18 volt batteries. This is because they are a lot lighter and can be a lot quicker to charge. However, with the 20 volt batteries on this drill, you can expect to get 35 percent more operating time. That is combined with the even more powerful drilling performance you can expect from this drill. Additionally, the charger that comes with this product is the fast-charging type. You can have a fully-charged slip-on battery in less than half an hour. It can even be used for other DeWalt batteries, if you have them available.
  • Despite the power, it also happens to be a very comfortable fit in your hands. It can be intimidating to feel the thrumming power inside this drill, however, you don’t need to worry about it slipping from your hand. The pistol-grip and the side clutch should be enough to keep it steady most of the time. In addition, thanks to the plastic lining, you don’t have to worry about getting tired holding the drill.


  • There is no way you are using this beyond power drilling. A lot of other rotary drill can be used for other options like screwing in bolts or even a little polishing with the use of the right drill bit. However, this drill is too powerful for that so you don’t have that flexibility.
  • It can be a bit heavy. All that drilling power has to come from somewhere. The motor, the solid casing, and more combine to create a heavier-than-normal drill. I would advise trying to drill overhead or at least do it in bursts.


Overall, buying the DeWalt DCD985L2 is a good move if you’re looking for a drill that can handle a wealth of materials. Take note though that you shouldn’t be using this product for other rotary drill purposes like screwing heavy bolts or for low-level polishing. This product is too powerful for that and is expressly designed for heavy drilling. You’re better off using a weaker drill for those. However, if you think you’ll be doing some heavy drilling, especially into tough materials like concrete or metal, then this drill should be the answer to your prayers.