DEWALT D25899K 21 LB SDS Max Demo Hammer Review

Why the heck

are you still using a claw hammer to tear stuff apart when you could nab an affordable yet powerful DeWalt D25899K 21 LB SDS Max Demo Hammer?

Phew, what a mouthful–just like taking part in a huge hot-dog eating championship!

Are you searching for a demolition hammer that offers excellent functionality while still being easy to use? One demolition hammer which promises to do just that is the Dewalt D25889K. Dewalt manufactures a lot of power tools of course, so is the SDS Max really an ideal demolition hammer?


  • The Dewalt runs on a 14.0 amp motor, giving it more power than a regular demo hammer.

  • The Dewalt has a large rubber handle, making it easy to use the tool with one or two hands.

  • The Dewalt makes it easy to change the chisel as you don’t have to change the tool when adjusting the chisel. With the 12 position, one-step chisel rotation, you can adjust the chisel as suits your needs.

  • The rocker switch is larger than those on standard demo hammers, making it straightforward for you to switch with just one hand.

  • The Dewalt dust sealers are spring loaded, preventing dust from getting into the housing and ensuring a longer lifespan.

  • This demo hammer also comes with a non-air pumping beat piece. This beat piece prevents masonry dust from getting into the Dewalt. The less dust that get into the unit, the longer its lifespan is going to be.

  • There is built in protection against overloading. Even if you use this tool for long stretches, there is no danger of the unit overloading.

  • The tool also comes with a chisel indexing dial so you can rotate the chisel to the desired position.

  • The side handle is adjustable by 360 degrees so you can adjust it until you’re comfortable with the tool.


  • Comes with a carry case

  • Comfortable grip

  • Well-balanced

  • Delivers quick results


  • The instructions could use more detail

  • Needs to be handled properly to avoid leaking

Performance and Usage

The Dewalt doesn’t disappoint in the performance department. It is lighter compared to other demo hammers so it’s not going to slow you down. The light weight also means you’re less likely to suffer from fatigue while using it.

The Dewalt is particularly good for chipping: because it’s not as heavy as a regular jackhammer you can do a lot more work without your arms getting sore. The Dewalt doesn’t consume a lot of power either so you can run other tools with it.

Performance is reliable and consistent whether it’s chipping or breaking up concrete, so you can focus on what you’re doing right away. It is small enough for home renovation and DIY projects, but it’s use is not limited there. You can for instance, use this in lieu of a regular jackhammer if those are too heavy.

The Dewalt demo hammer excels in the versatility department: it’s best known for concrete and breaks it up without too much effort, but you also get the same result when you use this on stones, rocks and bricks.

What makes this possible is the 14.0 amp motor. It is this power that allows the Dewalt to handle the demands of heavy applications. Even with continuous use, the Dewalt holds up well and doesn’t overload.

Should You Buy it?

If you’re looking for a demo hammer that’s fit professional use, get the Dewalt. It is easy enough for casual home user and a DIYer, but it is also good enough for those who need a high-quality demo hammer for demolition and chipping.

You should also consider getting the Dewalt if you quickly get tired when using a jackhammer. The Dewalt is small and compact, but don’t mistake that for lack of power. Usually with demo hammers you get either a powerful, but heavy tool but one that’s too light with very little muscle.

With its 14 amp motor, the Dewalt has the power to match the needs of most users without compromising quality or power. If you don’t fancy a costly, heavy duty hammer, then the Dewalt demo hammer is what you need.

There are other features on the Dewalt that makes it worth using. For instance, it has an SDS Max Holder, and the rubber dampers make SDS Max chisel removal and insertion easy.

As we have pointed out in the performance and usage section above, the Dewalt is a versatile demo hammer, and part of the reason for that is its design. Unlike other demo hammers, the Dewalt makes it easy to tweak and adjust the tool to suit your needs.

The bottom line is the Dewalt is one of the more practical demo hammers available today. All you have to do is make the proper adjustments to the chisel and you can get to work.


Dewalt makes a number of demolition hammers, but the D25899K is one that lives up to the hype. It is durable, well-designed and easier than other demolition hammers to use. If you’re after a powerful, dependable and versatile tool for breaking up concrete and other materials, we recommend the Dewalt.