The cordless impact wrench versus the electric impact driver

Cordless Impact Wrench vs. Electric Impact Driver

The cordless impact wrench and electric impact driver are one and the same tool as it relates to purpose, except that the first relies on rechargeable, lithium-ion batteries as its main source of power rather than a plugged-in electrical current.

This difference can be vital depending on environment, application, and urgency. When there are already a lot of wires running around here and there, across the floor, the last thing you want to add is another set of cables to the mix. Such a workplace is already a safety hazard where people can accidentally trip over the wires and cause accidents in the workplace.


The cordless impact wrench’s strength focuses on two aspects: portability and universality of battery packs. Since they are cordless, they do not require wires to operate.

Cordless impact wrenches can be brought to different places. Cordless impact wrenches may sometimes have a built-in LED to aid working in dark places. This reduces the need for an additional flashlight while working on a project.

The main advantage of a cordless impact wrench is its ability to be used anywhere. It only relies on batteries, which are cheap and numerous.

Some cordless impact wrenches may be relegated to just one type of battery pack that is manufactured by the same company that built it.

This may be a disadvantage for some but, for others, it provides safety and loyalty to the brand of the cordless impact wrench. One can easily check the compatibility and number of cycles easily online.

Runs on Battery Power

Most cordless impact wrenches built today can have their batteries swapped with other power tools, not just impact wrenches. This saves space, reduces battery production and lessens the number of objects present in your space.

You can have 10 to 15 power tools lying around just waiting for their turn for a battery swap. This is effective and space-saving, reducing clutter in the garage or house.

An impact driver can be powered by air or electricity. An impact driver’s purpose is still the same, but it will not function without a power outlet nearby.

Meanwhile, a cordless impact wrench can still work even without an external source of power. This is particularly useful when you encounter a flat tire on the road and need an impact wrench to remove rusty bolts from your car’s wheel.

Lithium Ion is the main the most commonly-used battery type for power tools.

Black and Decker introduced the first nickel-cadmium-powered cordless drill in 1961, revolutionizing the way power tools worked. A lot of companies picked this idea up and used different innovations to improve on it.

Along with advantages, cordless impact wrenches may also have a disadvantage disguised as their pros.

Limited Battery Power

Batteries must be replaced every now and then. These sources of power can run out after a couple of charging cycles.

Some power tools have a means to check the remaining amount of power a battery still has. After a good number of charges, you will have to replace them to ensure that maximum battery life is always observed.

Some devices limit their tools to just one type of battery. Others restrict the tool to just one to avoid complications like overcharging or leakage.

This is for the safety of the user and the tool, even though there are safety features like anti-overloading and locks that prevent tools from breaking.

Regardless of the cost of the tool, money will be spent frequently on batteries if one wishes the best out of their tools. Otherwise the battery would be frequently recharged, losing charge as time ticks down on the tool.

Replacing batteries may not happen on a regular basis because the tool will not be used all the time, but you are still going to have to replace them in time.

Lacking power

This may not be a big deal for some but since portables are smaller and lighter, the amount of torque could be substantially lower to avoid the tool from being too overworked.

The result is a tool that may fall below standards because of its lack of thump and force.

Even though most cordless impact wrenches have high impact and rotations per minute, as well as 400 or higher foot-pounds of torque, that may not be enough for heavier tasks.

A corded impact wrench is great because it has steady power and brute force waiting, courtesy of the power outlet or amount of air. Cordless impact wrenches rely on battery power; its effectiveness waning when the battery goes empty.

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