Cordless Impact Wrench Uses

Cordless Impact Wrench Uses

Black and Decker introduced the cordless electric drill in 1961. It was powered by nickel cadmium cells that acted as batteries. This invention showed everyone back in the day about the future being dominated by cordless power tools.

Companies picked up the concept and improved it. Makita and Milwaukee are two veteran power tool companies that saw the opportunity to make innovations, trademarking safety and battery features that are a must in cordless or wireless devices.

Three power modes, one purpose

One example is the impact wrench. It can be powered by air, electricity or a set of batteries.

The last is the most popular because it is the most portable of the three, only requiring batteries as the main power source.

This makes it extremely useful on the road, in a garage where there are a lot of wires around or at a small construction site where there are no power outlets for corded impact wrenches.

Cordless impact wrenches still need a recharge after use but can be swapped out with other batteries as long as they are compatible.

Check the voltage as well to know the type of battery that fits well with the device. Once you get this straightened out, below are a couple of uses for a cordless impact wrench.


The cordless impact wrench is a must-have for vehicle owners. This is a required tool to have in the trunk, especially if you are bringing more than four wheels to a faraway destination. A cordless impact wrench can save you time and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Wrenches that are not powered up require high amounts of torque to be able to finish a job quickly. They can also injure the user if misused. A broken wrist is not good to have if you need to be behind the wheel.

The cordless shines in this scenario because it does not require wires to operate, which is great if you are stuck on the side of the road. It gives that added utility to the user.

Garage / Mechanical Shop

If you are not storing it in your trunk, the next best place to have a cordless impact wrench is in the garage or mechanical shop. Everything must be speedy, tight and precise in a garage.

The garage is the perfect place because the wrench is a must-have for any mechanic. There are devices that need to be screwed in tightly, locked into position and repaired with surgical precision.

The garage can be a tiring place so a cordless impact wrench is a must. It does not get your hand or wrist tired because it can be light as a feather.

It lets the output shaft do all the spinning so stress is immediately removed. This also provides so much utility to the operator as the impact and rotation this creates makes working in a garage a breeze.

Carpentry and anything that has bolts

The cordless impact wrench is a great tool for carpenters to wield. Bolts and nuts can be difficult to extract or add to a surface.

The cordless impact wrench makes working around wood and hammers significantly easier. It gets the job done and ensures quality is of the highest across the construction site.

Installing a television rack, mounting an additional board to your vehicle’s dashboard and removing rusted bolts off a wall are some of the uses of an impact wrench.

Anything that has bolts or nuts are easy pickings for a cordless impact wrench. It can be done with minimal effort and carried out in a short time, making hard work an overrated term.

The Home

It is important to keep a cordless impact wrench in the house because there are screws in a house that you might want to remove or tighten.

Screws and nuts at the back of appliances, light fixtures and even screws beneath the kitchen sink need to be fastened or removed for maintenance or replacements.

The home needs a powerful tool like this one to make the standard of living better by mounting or removing something that is fairly difficult.

To curb this, you’ll require the aid of a cordless impact wrench, something that can alleviate your wrist and reduce the amount of time working on nuts and bolts.

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