big blu power hammers

Simple, Practical, Obtainable: The Big Blue Power Hammer

Estwing pride themselves on consistency in their selection of hammers, but they weren’t all built the same.

They weren’t messing around when they came up with the Big Blue range of hammers – they are big enough to get the job done and have a shade of blue that stands out across the garage. The company is proud of its designs and craftsmanship, especially the use of American steel from Rockford. But, consumers can’t choose the perfect hammer based on a “made in the USA” sticker alone.

Keep in mind that there are different tools in the Big Blue arsenal.

Professionals from different fields of work can find the style and weight they need for the most efficient performance. Below are three of the best for different purposes – the framing hammer, drilling hammer and engineer’s hammer.

Estwing BIG BLUE Framing Hammer:

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This first model is the one that most amateurs would recognise as a typical household hammer. Therefore it needs to appeal to the first-time user as much as the professional. Despite the large sticker on the side stating otherwise, this isn’t that big compared to other Big Blue Hammers. It doesn’t need to be for this sort of work, and the 25oz weight will suffice. Still, there is the same decision to forge the hammer from one piece of steel. This improves the durability during frequent use.  

Buyers should be able to pry away nails and pull out boards without compromising the shape or integrity of the hammer. Another interesting features here is one shared with some of the larger, more professional models in the series. There is a shock-prevention grip that reduces vibration for greater worker safety. Users say they can be pretty rough with this hammer and it doesn’t mind.

Estwing Sure Strike Drilling/Crack Hammer:

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There is a bit of a misconception that you need a big, heavy tool for a big, heavy impact. Instead, it is all about finding a good balance and impact point from a good swing. A lightweight tool can do just as much damage with the right design. This is the aim with this Big Blue crack hammer.     There are two main components in this 3lb tool. The first is that forged steel head that lands a heavy blow time and time again. The second is the light, fibreglass handle. The contrast between the two allows for the controlled swing and efficient use. Users should also appreciate the ribbed grip on this handle. This improves that sense of control further, while also adding a little comfort. There isn’t much else to this tool, but it remains reliable and user-friendly for many new users.  

Estwing BIG BLUE Engineer’s Hammer

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Estwing claim that this is the #1 choice of geologists and prospectors across the world. The stream of gold stars against its name in consumer feedback suggests that this might be a fair assumption. It is all about the construction once again with this hammer. There is another one-piece design for strength in the steel. The idea is that this allows for the durability that users need. This also allows for a good ratio of weight to power. There are geology students after a lighter tool that love the impact of this 4lb hammer.     In addition to this, workers can keep at their task for longer thanks to the combination of the grip and the nylon caps. The latter allows for even greater longevity on the tool, while the former reduces vibrations by as much as 70%. This shock reduction is important for those at risk of injury and strain with repetitive use.  

There Truly is a Big Blu Power Hammer for All Needs

The three hammers above just scratch the surface when it comes to the different types of tools that Estwing offer with their hammers. There are different tools for different needs, and different weight and styles within those categories. These Big Blue tools are as consistently reliable and praised as the company claim. The designs and results show that they know how to forge a strong tool with a good balance. Still, is important to take the time to understand precisely what you want from your hammer. This means the function, but also the size, features and cost.

Choose wisely and you could find a long-term friend for your tool box.