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Bosch vs Makita: Which Demolition Hammer Is Best?

The 1949 song, “If I Had a Hammer” may sound sweet and old-timey,

but the original songwriter claimed it had to do with wanting more power. For major power tool users in either of the Bosch vs Makita camps, the demolition hammer would certainly satisfy that need for more power.

Whether, like the song, you’re hammering in the morning or the evening, you’ll want to find out the differences between these two tool types and choose which one best suits your needs.

Drop the standard hammer you have and let’s nail down the options.

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Breaking Down the Breaking

Something big, heavy, and solid has got to go.

Whether it be a wall, floor, ledge, or other surfaces, this is no project for a tiny tool.

Fortunately, there is just the right item for this kind of hefty work.

A demolition hammer is the optimal tool of choice, as it is built super sturdy, essentially created just for breaking ground…..literally.

Don’t get confused: you truly want a demolition hammer for this kind of work. You may have heard of a jackhammer much more frequently, but you’ll soon get to know (and love) the demolition hammer.

Demo hammers combine electricity-driven motors, piston mechanisms, internal hammers, and chisel-attachments for their chucks.

You’ll soon find out why these smaller tools offer super-sized hammering returns.31L8K6pK2B9L Bosch vs Makita: Which Demolition Hammer Is Best?

In fact, the University of Kansas reported in June 2017 that a demolition hammer was used as part of an archeological dig to excavate a Tyrannosaurus rex.

You probably won’t be finding a dinosaur in your walls or floors, but the producers Bosch vs Makita want you to “discover” their tools just the same!

Meet the Contenders: Bosch vs Makita

The fans have spoken and narrowed down the contenders for the demolition hammer smackdown.

Today’s ticket features Bosch in one corner and Makita in the other, but before they come out swinging, it’s time to learn a bit more about each competitor.

Introduction to Bosch

Want a rotary hammer that can truly stand up to solid materials such as concrete?

81tZ%2BPs5-SL._SL1500_ Bosch vs Makita: Which Demolition Hammer Is Best?Coming out of the corner of the ring is the Bosch RH328VCQ 1-1/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer Kit.

Some serious fans of this brand of hammer cite its comfort as a winning factor – you won’t experience as much fatigue when drilling, as the hammer’s construction is meant to downplay vibration.

Which can really help on concrete and other extremely hard surfaces.

Features of the Bosch rotary hammer include:

  • 2.6 foot/pounds impact energy
  • Long cord
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight 14 pounds
  • 4,000 blows per minute
  • Multifunction selector
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Carrying case included

Meeting the Makita

And now for the other featured competitor in the ring, the Makita!619%2BHHz4VcL._SL1181_ Bosch vs Makita: Which Demolition Hammer Is Best?

Facing off against the Bosch is the Makita brand of cordless power tools.

Obviously, the Makita brings the benefit of cordless capability, cutting the cord that tethers you to an outlet.

You’re now free to drill around the cabin. Or garage. You get the idea.

Fans of the Makita HR2811FX 1-1/8 Inch Rotary Hammer SDS have a lot of things they like about this hammer.

Features include:

  • Powerful 7.0 AMP motor
  • Torque limiting clutch to prevent gear damage
  • 19 pounds
  • Sequential impact timing delivered timed hammering
  • Cordless with ample batter life
  • Built-in LED
  • Soft grip handle

Two or More for One? The Combo Smack-Down!

Demolition isn’t meant to be pretty, and when you’re arms deep in a pile of concrete, why stop what you’re doing and fish around for multiple tools?

The good news is, no matter where you stand on Bosch vs Makita, you can find a combo tool that suits your preferences.

The Bosch entry into the best impact/drill combo competition includes the Bosch CLPK232A-181 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit.

916dGdvOlqL._SL1500_ Bosch vs Makita: Which Demolition Hammer Is Best?The name of the product may be long, but so is the list of benefits you’ll get by going for this two-in-one tool.

Users have cited the benefit of this tool’s small footprint. Don’t get confused by the word “small” here – the Bosch is more compact, but it’s certainly not less powerful than other drills in its class.

At only 3.5 pounds, this combo tool still brings 3,200 BPM and 2,800 RPM to the table.

The combo kit comes in several varieties to suit most construction needs and offers features including:

  • 18-volt canned motor
  • Upgraded chuck
  • Batteries and charger

With the Makita, you don’t just get two for one capability.

For those who get the Makita XT448T 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless Cordless Combo Kit, you’re getting a four-plus tool combo for one price.

Combo tool kits just make sense, especially if you’re on the go and want quick grab-and-go access to your stuff.

The goods included with this Makita kit:71FfIDvCwbL._SL1500_ Bosch vs Makita: Which Demolition Hammer Is Best?

  • 4-position flashlight with Xenon bulb running 7.5 hours on charge
  • 2-speed 1/2″ hammer Driver-Drill, 1090 in. pounds of torque
  • Recipro saw with 1 1/4″ stroke, 0-2,800 strokes per minute, 8.1 pounds
  • 6.5″ circular saw, 5,000 RPM, 7.3 pounds

The entire bag of tool tricks includes a three-year warranty and all tools feature ergonomic handles.

Polling the Crowd

If you’ve ever been to an actual fight night, you know it’s nearly impossible to hear yourself think with all the yelling, cheering, and taunting that goes on.

Still, it can be beneficial to hear what others are saying, especially if you’re still a bit undecided over Bosch vs Makita.

One way is to read up on the latest reviews of these tools.

Another way to learn is to actually see the hammers in action.

Don’t worry if you can’t get to a tool shop or if the ones in your area don’t carry these brands.

Check out sites such as YouTube and search for videos with your featured hammers.

For example, you can search “Bosch Demolition Hammer” and get hundreds of videos, or you can be more specific and search for your exact desired model, such as “Bosch GSH 16-30 Demolition Hammer.”

The more specific search, the fewer results you’ll get, of course, but they’ll be more targeted to your potential new tool.

Beware of the “sponsored” ads masquerading as videos by the manufacturers, which should be clearly labeled, but sometimes aren’t.



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