Bosch RH328VC rotary hammer drill review

Bosch RH328VC 1-1/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer Review

Are you looking for a rotary hammer that can handle serious DIY projects?

The Bosch SDS Rotary Hammer is advertised as the power tool for DIYers and homeowners, but does it live up to the hype, or are you better off using another product?

We have years of experience using rotary hammers and we’ve seen the best and worst, so where does the Bosch SDS fall in?

71yxhWRs%2BrL._SL1500_ Bosch RH328VC 1-1/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer ReviewFeatures

  • The rotary hammer has 2.6 ft./lbs. impact energy, ideal for drilling and hammering concrete and other materials
  • The Bosch is powered by an 8.0-amp motor but weighs only 7.7 lbs. for an outstanding power-to-weight ratio
  • Its variable 3-speed trigger finger provides you with better control, and also leads to better bit starting
  • The Bosch has vibration reduction integrated in the hammer mechanism so it is more comfortable to use
  • The specially designed grip section provides the optimum user comfort level. This also makes it ideal for working for extended periods
  • The Bosch 3-mode operation allows you to fine tune your DIY projects. You can set the Bosch to work on rotation only, hammer only, and rotary hammer mode
  • There is a built-in integral clutch which is designed to minimize torque

Pros41VGPpVKx6L Bosch RH328VC 1-1/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer Review

  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Solid vibration control
  • Variable speed
  • 3-mode operation


  • Cannot work with some large bits
  • The depth guide is sometimes inconsistent

Performance and usage51uglXnX1vL Bosch RH328VC 1-1/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer Review

The Bosch provides a reliable performance for DIYers and the casual user. It is more comfortable to use than other rotary hammers due to its vibration control. Even with extended use, the Bosch doesn’t induce fatigue.

Like other rotary hammers, the Bosch generates some noise, but it isn’t as loud as others, and you may want to wear ear protection if you’re going to drill several holes. It also produces some noise when tile chipping so, keep that in mind.

The depth gauge rod and side handle are easy to work with and position. You can also set the chuck in various spots so you can direct the chipping blade in the right position. With new bits, the Bosch can drill ½” holes down to a depth of 8” in just a few seconds, saving you time.

The Bosch is built mostly for drilling and hammering, but it also works for chipping. It works best for light tile chipping and other small tasks. Chipping concrete isn’t going to damage the rotary hammer either.

The long cord is nice as it won’t impede your movement or necessitate the use of extension cords. The tool is ergonomically designed, so that’s another plus. This is where the power-weight ratio comes into play as it provides the right balance of weight and power. Its impact energy level is sufficient for most DIY tasks, and the vibration control allows you to work more effectively.

Its multi-function selector makes it easy to switch modes, and its torque doesn’t react as much as on other rotary hammers. The bit starting is one of the most accurate we have come across, leading to better control.

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Should you buy it?

If you have never used a rotary hammer before, the biggest difference from a regular hammer is the speed. Compared to a regular hammer, you will get more work done without exerting as much effort or time.

A regular hammer drill makes too much work especially if you have a large project. If you’re using a standard hammer drill and it isn’t working out, you should consider using an electric rotary hammer like the Bosch as it is more effective.

The Bosch is also built for casual and regular drilling, so regardless of your project, the rotary hammer can satisfy your requirements. At just 7.7 lbs. and 12.5”, it isn’t heavy. Its 8-amp motor can produce 4,000 blows a minute, ideal for DIY, home and even some construction use.

The multifunction selector gives the Bosch flexibility, and the clutch stops power transmission in case of a bind. Being able to position the chisel in a dozen different ways is convenient and provides good leverage.

The padding on the grip makes it more convenient to hold, and the impact mechanism performs consistently. The handle’s 360° rotation provides optimum control, even when extensively used. A carry case is included so you can take the rotary hammer with you.

No rotary hammer tool is perfect, but the Bosch provides the consistency casual and advanced users are looking for.


Bosch makes top-quality rotary hammers, and the SDS has all the elements a DIYer could want. It has the right mix of power and comfort, and the controls are intuitive. If you are really into DIY projects and need a rotary hammer, the RH328VC is one you can count on.

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