bosch bh2760vcb jack hammer

Be a Brute & Break It Up–With the Bosch BH2760VCB

Are you a Brute–or love one?

Normally, we would agree that bullies are no good for anyone, but when it comes to demolition, tools like the Bosch BH2760VCB are great for pounding the pavement.

The original Brute was a hit among many DIY and power tool users, so naturally Bosch released a newer version. The question is, however, ‘just how good is this model compared to the previous one?’ 

We are familiar with many breaker hammers, and if you are a regular user of various brands and models, then you I and both know that not all of them perform as well as they should or at least as well as they are purported to. After a comprehensive review of the latest Brute and its performance in a variety of hands however, our simple opinion is that this particular breaker is an exceptionally good tool.

That being said, we’ll now get into the nitty-gritty details.


  • The Brute Breaker has 35 ft./lbs. impact energy, giving you the power necessary to break up large concrete chunks.
  • Its active vibration control means the tool is more comfortable to use even for long stretches
  • The hammer mechanism leads to superior air cushion and better performance
  • The tool’s weight improves balance
  • A dolly is included so it is convenient to use and move around. There are also holders on the dolly where you can store attachments. You can put the chisels here but there is space for other attachments too
  • It has a Service Minder Brush System for preventive maintenance. This also means you don’t spend as much time checking for damage
  • The gearbox is grease packed, getting rid of the need for lubrication
  • The Brute Breaker has more power than the previous version. Its hitting power is up to 50% harder than other breaker hammers
  • The Brute Breaker’s ergonomic handles function as shock absorbers so it doesn’t hurt your hands
  • The housing cover is non-slip, so the breaker hammer doesn’t accidentally fall over when you’re not using it


  • Powerful heavy-duty motor
  • Chisels included
  • Heavy-duty cart
  • Low maintenance
  • Useful for various applications


  • The tool is a bit heavy, which is why it is depicted on a trolley (hand truck) for portability.
  • Manual could use improvements as it’s not as straight-forward as it could be. Those with less experience using breaker hammers will have a steeper learning curve.

Performance and usage

The instructions aren’t exactly the most detailed, but it’s not a major issue since the tool is easy to use. Just aim at the concrete, turn it on and the tool takes care of the rest.

Two chisels are included: flat and moil points. Both are durable and built for heavy-duty use. You may prefer one over the other, but expect both to last. The cart’s basic design serves it well and simplifies maneuvering around uneven terrain.

The Brute Breaker is all about power, and its 35 ft./lb. impact energy is able to handle a lot of concrete slabs. There’s enough juice here for average-scale masonry work, and it’s just as suited for home and farm. Users will really find the cart handy as it lets you store the breaker hammer upright.

The Brute Breaker isn’t light but compared to other breaker hammers, it is easier to maneuver. The fact that the hammer has a solid weight makes a huge difference. If a breaker hammer isn’t this heavy, it’s not going to perform as well.

Going back to its performance, the Brute Breaker goes through 2’ of rock without much difficulty. Even with a 25’ or 30’ distance it’s not going to present any problems for the Brute Breaker.

Even with continuous use, the Brute Breaker isn’t hard on your hands. You’ll want to wear gloves when using this, of course, preferably leather. The combination of the gloves and the anti-vibration properties eliminate the vibration completely. As an electric hammer, you don’t have to rely on a compressor.

Breaking up rocks with picks, shovels and other manual tools, is laborious and can take forever if it’s a large project. It won’t take long before the tool pays for itself as you’re able to do more with less effort.

Should you buy the BH2760VCB?

The Bosch Brute Breaker is for you if the standard breaker hammer has insufficient power. From concrete to bricks and other materials, the Brute Breaker lives up to its name.

The specs show this tool is aimed at power users, but it’s also for anyone who wants an easy-to-use breaker hammer. Breaker hammers being what they are, you’ll still feel its effect. However, the vibration is greatly reduced.

A breaker hammer is used mainly for masonry work, but the Brute Breaker handles more than just concrete as you can use this for different materials. If it’s versatility you’re after, then the Brute Breaker is something you may want to look at. Along with its power, the noise reduction will also be welcomed by a lot of users.

With all these features, it’s easy to see why a lot of DIYers prefer to use this tool. For light- to heavy-duty work, the Brute Breaker can get it done.


Bosch manufacture a number of quality breaker hammers, and the Brute Breaker is among their best. It has the power heavy users need, but doesn’t have a steep learning curve. It’s not easy to find the right balance between power and comfort, but the Brute Breaker has it, so we recommend it.

See It In Action:

To view a video of the Brute from Bosch, look here or do another search on YouTube–lots of additional information is available! See our cross-comparison with another breaker hammer here!