Bosch 11321EVS SDS-Max Demolition Hammer Review

Is the Bosch 11321EVS SDS Max Demolition Hammer a good buy? Was the Wicked Witch of the West ticked off when she found out what happened to her sister? Well, most likely, she was angry before that, but still…

Bosch is a company known for their quality products, but is the SDS Max as good as their other releases? Having tried our fair share of Bosch power tools, we decided to give the SDS Max a try and see if it’s as good as claimed.


  • The Bosch weighs just 12.8 pounds, and with its 9.6 ft. lb. impact energy and 13 amp motor, provides you with an excellent power to weight ratio.

  • The Bosch offers quick removal rate for consistent performance.

  • There is a service minder light integrated in the tool. If the unit needs maintenance, the light goes on. With this feature, you don’t have to wonder if the tool needs to be repaired.

  • The Auto-Max Speed Dial keeps the Bosch operating at top speed. It is automatically set to high speed when turned on so no need for adjustments.

  • The Bosch has an Active Vibration control mechanism built in. What it does is reduce the vibration the tool generates when in use.

  • The ergonomic grip keeps your hands and arms from tiring while the tool is being used.

  • The Bosch has an integrated constant response circuitry, and it does two things: keep the tool from overloading and maintain its speed.


  • Low maintenance

  • Always runs at maximum speed

  • Suitable for long term use

  • Comfortable grip


  • The switch is too easy to turn off

  • More effort required for very heavy-duty work

Performance and Usage

The Bosch SDS Max offers excellent performance, and its stability is among the best in its class. It is built for demolition and concrete, but there’s power here for tree digging and soil. It’s going to take a bit longer when used on heavy soil, but it’s possible.

The Bosch is light, and coupled with the ergonomic design makes it ideal for extensive use. You can use the Bosch on concrete and tiles, and it works great when combined with a scraper and a chisel.

The instructions are sufficient, and if you have used a Bosch demo hammer you’ll have no problem figuring out how this tool works. The one area of concern is the switch location: it is convenient, but it’s rather easy to accidentally shut the thing off. It’s not a major problem though as you can get accustomed to it.

Consistency is one of the biggest draws of the Bosch, but it is also durable. The Bosch demo hammer is also a certified workhorse and performance doesn’t deteriorate even with regular use.

The Bosch is compact, which makes it easy to use even under difficult situations. It is heavy enough to get work done, but it’s not backbreaking. One of the more complaints with demo hammers is they’re so difficult to use and so heavy to be impractical, but not here.

Aside from concrete flooring, you can also use this to rip out old basketball court goal footings. The Bosch demo hammer is also ideal for wood and tile floor removal. You can also use this for slab chiseling for various renovation projects. The time it takes to finish a project varies, but overall, we’re happy with the Bosch performance.

Should You Buy it?

The Bosch Demo Hammer is for you if you’re looking for a dependable and versatile tool for home improvement and floor removal projects. We have already pointed out the power to weight ratio, and it really makes a difference when it comes to performance. Balancing weight and power is the holy grail of demo hammers, and Bosch has done a great job giving the tool power while still being light.

You may also want to consider the Bosch if you need a powerful motor. At 13 amps, there’s enough power here for a variety of applications. You’ll also find the Bosch useful if comfort is of paramount concern. A lot of demo hammers tend to be uncomfortable, so if that’s a problem you should look into the Bosch.

Another reason why we are giving this the thumbs up is its design: we have already gone over its many features, but we just need to touch upon a few here to show why this is a good buy.

Its active vibration control is one of the best, reducing vibration by a significant amount. Its overload protection also works great and serves as a vital safety feature. It is also convenient to use thanks to the Auto-Max speed dial. Since you don’t have to tinker with the speed, you can concentrate on work.


The Bosch 11321EVS SDS Max is a well-made demolition hammer. It has the power to handle most demolition tasks you’ll need. A lot of DIYers will find the Bosch handy but even floor contractors, carpenters and professionals will find it useful too. The Bosch is not without faults, but overall, it’s an outstanding demo hammer.