Best Cordless Demolition Hammer Drill Options

OMG OMG OMG, Which Cordless Demolition Hammer Drill Options Are Best?

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When you’re planning to do some solid light drilling, whether it’s for metal, wood, and even brick, demolition hammer drills are a good choice. They are high-torque drills designed to punch through most materials. This makes them ideal for a variety of construction purposes. You can use them to drill holes for anchors, supports, and more.

Cordless demolition hammer drills bring what hammer drills offer into a more portable package. The main problem with normal demolition hammer drills is that they are often limited to the places they can work at. When you go cordless, it increases your options and allows you to work in more places. However, it can be hard to pick among the products available on the market today. Here are the top three choices available to help narrow down your choice.

Bosch HDH181X-01


  • Active Response system. This is the star feature of the product. The problem with a lot of demolition hammer drills is that they tend to be too powerful for their own good. It can be hard control them. With the HDH181X-01’s active response system, the drill itself detects how fast the drill goes and automatically cuts off the motor if it reaches a certain level. You can set the trigger speed so that you can ensure that you know exactly how powerful the drill is.
  • Powerful Drill. Despite the fact that it only has an 18 volt power source, the drill still manages to produce 750 lbs. Of torque. This should be enough to drill through most materials.


  • The drill provides you with an excellent level of control so that you won’t have any mistakes or accidents.
  • The Durashield housing is a great addition to ensure that it will stand up to a lot of wear-and-tear.
  • Batteries have a charge indicator to show how much charge they have left.


  • It does not include any drill bits. Buy one or more to ensure that you can use it.
  • The manual is a bit vague on a few instructions.

DeWalt DCD985L2


  • Variable speed setting. This drill has three speed settings for its drill options. Most of the time, hammer drills are only limited to low and high settings. However, this drill has a medium setting, which allows for a longer life for some of your drill bits.
  • 20 Volt batteries. Most cordless power tools use the 18 volt battery option. This DeWalt product needs a lot more than that deliver the power it needs. This is why it uses 20 volt lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged when necessary.


  • This drill has a very comfortable handle. The pistol grip allows for a simple hold on the drill so that your hands won’t get tired from holding it.
  • The 20 volt lithium battery can function a lot longer than the average 18 volt batteries found on most drills.
  • The heavy-duty chuck will keep your drill bit in position, which reduces bit slippage. This extends their operating life by a lot.


  • This is not a drill you will use for delicate jobs. This is only for heavy-duty drilling.
  • The drill is a lot heavier than most of its competition.

Makita XPH03Z


  • Designed for Adverse Conditions. If you have a habit of working in out-of-the-way place, this drill might be for you. Makita designed a drill that is compact and small enough to go with you into some awkward spaces. Along with that, the seal on this product protects its inner working from dust and water, ensuring that they will work in most condition.
  • Still Delivers on Power. Despite the size, you can expect this drill to deliver around 750 lbs. of torque as it drills through most materials. It also delivers 18% more speed than previous Makita drill models. You’ll need both hands to keep this under control so the side and pistol grip are good additions.


  • Compact design allows you to bring it into most tight spaces. It only measures around eight inches in length which is a good fit for most situations.
  • Dual grip controls allow you to keep the drill steady though it will take getting used to.
  • Dust and waterproofing ensures that they won’t get into this drill’s inner workings so that they won’t be fouled up.


  • The battery and charger are sold separately so you will need to buy them with it.
  • The 18 volt batteries tend to run out very quickly.


The clear winner among these three is the Bosch HDH181X-01. Though the offering from DeWalt is more powerful, I think the Bosch drill is a lot more friendly to the user. With its active response technology, you won’t have to worry about losing control of the drill. Combine it with the longer handle and you can be assured that you can direct all of the power inside the drill to the right spots.

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