Bare-Tool Milwaukee M18

Bare-Tool Milwaukee M18

Milwaukee quickly picked up the cordless power tool invention of Black and Decker when it was introduced in 1961.

The red and black company is a proud inventor of hardware that makes hard work less daunting. Milwaukee introduced the Bare-Tool Milwaukee M18, changing the way people look and use the tool.

This silver, red and black contraption has one of the highest torque levels in existence today.

It outputs 475 foot-pounds, making sure that the most difficult jobs are not going to be a problem with the user. Milwaukee made sure that the amount of torque exerted is in full-unison with the movements carried out by the user. Beneath the smooth red and black exterior lies the Milwaukee 4-Pole Motor.

Designed to take on any job with ease with its Impact Mechanism, also made by Milwaukee, this makes sure that performance is both brutal and forgiving, all in an easy-to-use piece of equipment that blows the competition away.


  • Pin detent enables superior socket retention
  • 475 foot-pounds of torque
  • Weighs 5.8 pounds
  • Five-year warranty on the impact wrench
  • Cordless-electric
  • Soft grip handle
  • Milwaukee Designed Impact Mechanism
  • Milwaukee 4-Pole Motor
  • Overload Protection
  • 18 volts
  • Variable speed trigger for speed control
  • 1900 RPM and 2200 IPM

This is one of the lightest impact wrenches ever made with a reasonable price tag for a lot of power.

It is easy to use, durable since it is manufactured and tested in China and does not have a hard plastic grip unlike other similar wrenches. With Milwaukee, nothing is too heavy duty

Who would have known that Milwaukee can fit in almost 500 foot-pounds of torque in a 5.8-pound power tool?

The company certainly set the bar higher when it comes to compressing all that muscle into such a small cordless tool, even throwing in nifty features like the following.


The Pin Detent gives superior holding power. It locks in place and does not remove what is latched onto it when the hole is aligned with the pin. This makes all that 475 foot-pounds of torque more noticeable.

It fares well at 1900 RPM and 2200 IPM, which makes it powerful enough for use inside a professional garage. It banks on superior torque rather than rotations per minute.

This gives control to the powerful tool. If this had a higher RPM and IPM rating, it might have been more difficult to control for new users.

Finally, its anti-overload system is a promising aspect that should be incorporated by other tool makers. It is a powerful tool that can break under extreme pressure coming from its high torque engine.

Like other tools, this cordless handheld is simply unstoppable when it comes to removing lugs, nuts and bolts. Just make sure you have a charger with you to maximize the tool’s efficiency.


The worst part about the M18 is mishandling. Some people report a broken M18 due to improper handling (dropped, torn apart box cover and other damage the box can go through during transport).

Sometimes it arrives with a broken Pin Detent, which is one of the most crucial parts of the product. It is the locking mechanism that makes latching on to the power tool such an easy task to do.

Some users also report their battery discharging faster than usual. Therefore, their battery may be a defective one. Replace it if you have proven that the battery issued falls below standards.

Batteries are cheap and can be bought at a hardware store or online. Since this is a cordless power tool, swapping out batteries is a key feature that makes things easier for the handler.


This is the most powerful impact wrench you can get for less than 200 dollars.

The price may change from time to time, but it will not go above the $200 mark. Other tools with a higher torque rating can be more expensive, but lack safety features like anti-overloading and locking mechanisms.

It is not true that the higher the torque of the tool, the heavier it becomes. Milwaukee made sure that it can reach 475 foot-pounds with ease without being too heavy on the wrist.

This is an acceptable feature because the impact wrench can be used for an extended period of time.

Emergencies can see this tool being used for a long period so the company made sure it’s as light as a feather. This is a key aspect of the tool’s efficiency.

The Bare-Tool Milwaukee M18 is a tool that both newcomers and veterans can appreciate.

From its good power-to-weight ratio to its absurd torque capacity, Milwaukee does not seem to run out of surprises. This is the only power tool that you need when you want to get the job done at the fastest possible pace.