Bare-Tool Makita BTW450Z – Review

Though Black and Decker invented the cordless power tool back in 1961, companies such as Makita quickly picked up the technology and have applied it quite well to many of their own products, such as the BTW450Z.

Makita, a Japan-based company, has incorporated cordless to both their drills and virtually every piece of gear they offer today. Their lineup of Bare tools is phenomenal – just pick one up and swap out the batteries once you’re done with it.

Their high-torque impact wrench, the Bare-Tool BTW450Z, is a phenomenal power tool that has one of the highest torque ratings at 325 foot-pounds. It is a must-have for mechanics, drivers and just about anyone faced with strong nuts and bolts.

Despite its robust power and ability, it is surprisingly very light and comes with the signature Makita-built motor that delivers a lot of punch without burning out the battery too quickly.

Though it only works with the 18V LXT, it is still a powerful tool designed to take on practically any job you throw at it. I was originally a big fan of B&D due to my great experience with my 24V hammer drill, but after being exposed to the lightweight, long-lasting, and strong Makita, I added them to my long list of things from Japan that I love…such as anime!

Now, let’s POWER UP!

Features of the BTW450Z

  • Unique sliding battery with a built-in shock absorber
  • 325 foot-pounds of torque
  • 10 ½ inches long
  • One of the lightest at 7.5 pounds
  • Swaps between forward and reverse operation
  • Very soft grip handle
  • Large tool hook
  • Battery has 2.5 times more cycles than other impact wrenches
  • Large rocker switch

Acme defines a bare tool as a cordless device with a “swappable” battery. It is universal in nature and will work with other devices that sport the same type and fittings of batteries. When you are done with a device, you can remove the battery from the containment unit and put it in another.

Makita has mastered this technique by creating a bare tool that increases the battery life of its signature 18V LXT Lithium Ion battery. The company claims a 430% total lifetime that can be used up to twice the number of cycles.

If the battery’s expected effective life is one year, the BTW450Z can make it last up to two and a half years. If the device is not be used daily, the battery can last longer than expected.


The BTW450Z has one of the highest amounts of torque at 325 foot-pounds. There is enough power in this power tool to go through a week’s worth of work.

The 18-volt LXT Lithium Ion Battery makes this possible. You do not need to charge it that often, too. The power is not too much that the impact wrench becomes unbearable to hold.

It is only 7.5 pounds and has a good grip that makes it comfortable to have in your hands for extended periods of time. This good weight to grip ratio gives it an advantage because the device’s performance is maximized.

A heavyweight in the impact wrench industry does not have to live up to its name to be great. It just has to make do with what it has and improve on it to increase efficiency.

Possible Cons or Points to Consider

This is a lightweight device with a built-in LED that gives light to the darkest places. It makes working everywhere and anywhere possible, except when you run out of battery power. You can only use its trademark lithium ion battery and nothing else.

Do not try to use other types or brands of batteries on this because it does not have Star Protection. The BL1830 is sold separately and you need to purchase one if you need a spare battery or cannot afford to recharge.

You might not use the BL1830 on non-Makita products for safety reasons. Other products are cross-compatible and universal.

A Makita battery might work on a non-Makita product, but it does not work for this BTW450Z.

This may be a safety feature or a show of exclusivity from Makita, but it is okay because this uses its battery better than other impact wrenches in the market.

Overall Verdict

The Bare-Tool BTW450Z scores a perfect ten because of its battery life, strength and performance, even if the battery is an inconvenience for people who love swapping out their batteries.

Regardless of that small detail, the impact wrench is spot-on when it comes to delivery and power.

It is a balanced tool that is super light and affordable. It almost feels like you are holding nothing. And when you inspect your work, you will be surprised to find it done. Work requires less effort while holding this bare tool.

In comparison with other tools of the same price, amount of torque and weight, this blasts the competition out of the park.

There is no need to buy another Makita if you want an upgrade. This is the only tool that maximizes battery life without compensating anything except compatibility.

This impact wrench synergizes well with some of the best technologies in your garage or shop. You get the job done with minimal effort and less spending on batteries and other upkeep.

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