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A Battery Impact Wrench: Just What You Need?

All tools have their place, but if it’s time to get a battery impact wrench, then which one is the best choice?

While you might not need the best cordless impact wrench on the market, it’s likely that you still want to ensure that you get the best one for your money. We’re going to look at a few battery-powered impact wrench options for you.

The Best Battery Impact Wrench

What exactly does this phrase mean to YOU? Some people are just looking for performance for low price while others are all about the best performance. Some people want a tool that lasts for a long time while others need a small, light tool which can get into tight spaces with relative ease. Because of this, there really is no way for us to tell you which is the best battery impact wrench, but we can definitely give you some pointers as to which ones perform well in various categories.

Below, we’ll offer some suggestions from a few different categories:

  1. Power
  2. Price
  3. Versatility
  4. Size

Now, let’s rush head-on into the first category:


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Our top pick in the sheer power category is the DeWalt DCF899, an excellent impact wrench beast which we reviewed in full here. While it may not currently be the MOST powerful (nor is it the lightest or cheapest!), it is still, as we said, an overall best of a battery wrench and has quite a bit of stamina, to boot. Check out the full review above and the specifications or product information can be read below. Follow the link to find out more purchase information.


The second category is more about the budget-conscience buyer:


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In order to essentially kick most all of the other variables out the window and focus strictly on price, few people will argue that we should still try to find a power tool which will actually give us a degree of acceptable performance coupled with moderate longevity, right? So, as we sift through the current battery-powered impact wrenches on the market, we decided that it should include, for the price, at least one battery and the charger in addition to the wrench itself. Which one made this cut? It was actually easier than we thought it would be, and the power of the impact is actually surprising considering the cost: the 24V from Greenworks. another added benefit about the cost is that if you are looking for a two-tool combo (drill and impact wrench), you can nab the GW kit for about the same price as some of the cheaper cordless impacts cost for just one tool!

Again, we did a full review of this tool and you can read the comprehensive article on this page.


For the next category, we take a battery impact which we think strikes an excellent balance between several variables:


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Right out of the gate, we look to the Ryobi cordless impact wrench to lead this category. While it’s true there are stronger impacts out there, this one won’t break your wallet, boasts a lot of practical features along with some nicer ones not included with even some expensive brands, is quite powerful, not too heavy, and is both easy and comfortable to use. As with the other battery impact wrenches listed here, we have a comprehensive and helpful review located on this page, so check it out!


Our last category is for those who wish to get the most out of an impact without it taking up so much space:


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We decided to NOT go with the “sub compact” or micro impact wrenches, but rather a full-sized impact which was both lighter and more manageable than the 10-plus pounders out there on the market. Yes, essentially, this will appear and feel less “beefy,” but it is still one of our favorites and will no doubt get most every job done. Which one is it? It’s the Makita impact, of course! Well-known for a while now for quality and innovation, Makita has built its own reputation of delicious goodness and offers quite a variety of products spread across many fields and industries. So, we have the option of locating what we need within a budget range that best suits us, so even if you aren’t down with the top Makita dog, you can still enjoy a Japanese Corgi at home (maybe?).


We hope that this helps you on your way to having your first or next battery impact wrench! If you’re still looking for more info, you can search our reviews or advice pages!

Have a great week!