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7 Key Things I Believe Every Homeowner Needs

Did you know that a new deck can add as much as $10,000 to your home’s value? Or to fix that “Check Engine Light” on a vehicle, one has to spend an average of $357?

Now, you may be thinking what’s the connection between the two. The simple answer is, it’s a common subject amongst homeowners. It’s also two (of the many others) that has something to do with power tools.

That’s right. With the must have power tools in your arsenal, you can add a curb value-boosting deck to your home. You can also cut back on your car repair costs!

That’s not all. These essential power tools are key to many other creations, installations, and fixes that can make you the envy of other homeowners.

Keep reading to learn all about them!

1. The Electric Drill

Reports say that new U.S. houses are on average, 1,000 square feet bigger than those built in 1973. That doesn’t mean that households already have all the space they need. In fact, more and more people now look for ways to maximize the space they got.

Enter effective and space-saving storage systems. Nowadays, you’ll find smart homes with wall-mounted hooks, vertical storage shelving, and hidden and hanging shelves.

Now, installing all these you can entrust to professionals. But why not do some of them as a DIY project? You’d need one of the most crucial tools every man needs though:

The electric drill.

You can screw with it (haha). You can also unscrew and of course, drill holes with it. Some of the latest models even let you use it as a wire brush or sander!

All these functions allow you to set up those shelves, amongst many other things. If you need nails on the walls to hang your art pieces with, this tool has you covered. It’s also a must-have for building a deck or securing plywood together.

Pro tip: before you buy your first drill, consider the pros and cons of a wired and a battery-operated drill. The rechargeable ones offer more convenience. But if your project entails more than a day of work, don’t expect it to last longer than that.

2. The Electric Screwdriver

Did you know that a single sheet of 4-feet by 12-feet drywall already requires 64 screws? Imagine how long it’ll take you to put all those in if you only had a manual screwdriver.

Screwdrivers are essential basic tools. But you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble and time if you invest in a high-quality electric version. Keep in mind that some projects require much less torque than the minimum an electric drill delivers, so use an electric screwdriver in its place.

3. The Impact Wrench

If you’re one of the 222 million driver’s license holders in the U.S., then you most likely have seen this tool in professional garages. Characterized by its loud whirring, impact wrenches hold the right amount of power to get those lug nuts out.

Yes, those include all those bolts and nuts in your car.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a NASCAR pit crew to own one of these. You do have to know how to use impact wrenches right, seeing as they have many functions. From engine work to tire changing tasks to building a deck, this of the best tools to own and have handy at home.

4. The Impact Driver

Compared with any other screw-driving machine, the impact driver does the job fastest and easiest. These machines have the raw power that can get those long and large fasteners in without stalling. Many of today’s models even have two to three times greater torque than your standard drills and drivers.

What does this mean to you then? If you intend to carry out DIY projects that need superior drilling power, then this is the tool for the job.

5. The Circular Saw

Many of us fantasize about creating masterpieces using manual tools such as handsaws. The fantasy becomes a nightmare once your hands and fingers start bruising and blistering.

Thank goodness for the invention of the circular saw. This machine can go through materials like plywood and boards in a jiffy. With this in your arsenal of essential power tools, you can say goodbye to all those skin injuries.

Must-have features to look for: A minimum of six-foot power cord length, a spindle lock for when changing the blade, and a safety interlock.

6. The Sander

Few things can give you as much pride as making your own furniture or metalwork. But to make something you (and others) will admire, you need to ensure a smooth finish. You need to achieve this before you even lay out the paint.

That’s why surface preparation requires careful sanding. But if you’re working on a large piece, it can take forever to use your hands. There’s also the potential of ending up with an uneven surface.

This is where an electric sander comes into play. It won’t break the wallet, but it can do a much faster and better job than your hands.

7. The Variable Speed Rotary Tool

Need something that can carve, drill, and polish? What about clean, grind, and route? Lucky you then, because those are exactly what a variable speed rotary tool can do for you.

Whether you need to work on nail heads, jewelry, or iron filigree, you’ll find this power tool enough for such tasks. Best of all, they’re lightweight, making them perfect for tasks that require delicate work.

Build Your DIY Tool Arsenal with these Must Have Power Tools

You don’t have to be a crafter, furniture-maker, or NASCAR crew to invest in these must have power tools. They can help you make your home more livable and your ride last longer, after all. So, start stocking up your garage with these tools now!

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